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    Blizzard does not sell gold. Tokens move gold between players, they do not generate currency and inflate the economy.

    Gold sinks are deflationary and thus essential. I would argue that regressive goldsinks like repairs are ultimately harmful to the game because only seriously poor players care about them, but currency is so inflated these days after WoD/Legion mission tables and emissaries rewarding 2k gold per day per character that they really aren't worth worrying about.

    I do think WoW should add progressive goldsinks, relatively expensive conveniences for rich players. For example, if you could pay 100 gold to instantly teleport to your flight path destination, or 200 gold to teleport to any flightpoint you want across all expansions, or 1000 gold for a warlock to summon an entire raid. Not super expensive, but priced so rich players with millions in the bank like me might go "F it, why not"?

    I'd also add one-time progressive goldsinks. For example, you add a super-cool looking unique BoE mount to the game costing 1 million gold and say it'll only be available through October and will never be available again anywhere. Rich players will buy it to resell later on for more money-- which is fine, because that 1 million will be removed from the economy forever, and their profits will come from other players. Highly deflationary.

    Imagine if the AH mount was BoE, not on the BMAH, and they announced it would be gone with patch 9.0. People would have purchased it in droves to resell. Its value in not only looking unique but offering a unique convenience would make its resell value continue to increase literally forever.
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