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    He didn't know what would happen, though, but you're right in that he went through with it under that assumption.
    "Such a lack of devastation! This was not my intention!"

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    Ah. Yeah the short story firmly establishes that timeline didn't disappear. That's why I was confused. Because that means there's essentialy no trade-off and it's completely win-win for everyone.

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    Not sure if' you've seen it yet or not, but this is the short story Bovinity and I are referring to.

    That timeline wasn't erased.
    Thats what i get for smugly thinking i was starting to understand the game's universe. Now we have pocket dimensions? Im gonna assume theyre all dead though but midgarsommer pulled them into a dream of some kind (headcannon obviously)...

    Spurred by this i did a search on divergent timelines... and now i realise why i was supposed to do omega. Eugh. The pains of being an msq andy.
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