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    I know MMOs are not Fifa or Call of Duty, but can't understand how genre that sell millions of boxes every year (every month?) can be considered "niche". MMOs were niche before WoW, now most companies want to have at least one established MMO.
    MMO's have always been niche and continue to be just that. MMO's count, but for a small fraction of the game industry overall, both in revenue and player count. You see millions of boxes sold while there are hundreds and hundreds of millions of players, and the bolded is simply not true, most companies don't want an MMO because of how risky and expensive they are.
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    I don't quite follow what this is even about, there's multiple types of grinding. Which one are you shitting a brick about?
    Can you read? Yeah, maybe read the thread to find out what the problem is, you nincompoop

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