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    Most badass moment for each race

    What would you say is the best moment of badassery and epicness for each of the playable race, the one that showed the true dangerosity and power and/or potential of these races ?

    For the Night Elves it shall undoubtly be the War of the Ancients with them holding their own against the Burning Legion's forces and the Highborne traitors such as Queen Azshara and Xavius, even if they eventually got the help of other races and of the demigods and dragons it was really awesome.

    The Trolls' greatest moment should be their war against the Aqir, with the united troll tribes being able of using their agility, cunning, ferocity and bond with the Loas to fight evenly and eventually win against the far more numerous Aqir and their C'Thraxxi leader.

    Humans' might be the Troll Wars with them showing the power of their unity, and of their potential with magic exceeding even the best High Elves maged, with the recently trained first human mages summoning a litteral storm of fire that nearly annihilated the Forrest Troll army and their Loas. The end of the Second War with Turalyon picking Anduin Lothar's broken sword, defeating Orgrim Doomhammer and rallying the Alliance forces into utterly defeating the Horde, and the destruction of the Dark Portal by Khadgar is also a strong contender.

    Gnomes' could be their defense of Gnomeregan during the Second War, with them killing many orcs with booby traps they set in the forrests and mountains around Gnomeregan, and having made an impenetrable gate that completely foiled the Horde's attempts to invade their city, forcing Orgrim Doomhammer to call off the siege.

    Dwarves might be their similarly awesome and successful defense of Ironforge during the 2nd War, with Ironforge proving to be a tremendously strong fortress and all the able population taking arms against the invaders, with them killing 10 orcs for each of them being slain.

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    Whilst those happenings are epic in theory, I go by what I've seen with my own eyes so to speak.

    And by that metric, every epic moment belongs to a cinematic of some sort. The first cinematic for the game had some of the most epic Race-involved moments to me.

    The Wrathgate was pretty damned badass as well. Evil as hell, and badass.

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    The Ren'dorei

    During the Alliance War Campaign in BfA, when the Ren'dorei led by Magister Umbric infiltrated a Horde base and sent Horde ambassadors into the Void for an eternity of cold torment, then later on when Magister Umbric and his Void followers raised the bones of the fallen Zandalari beasts to conduct psychological warfare on those savages.

    The Alliance War Campaign reminded fools not to take lightly the power of the Void and the power of the first mortals in the history of the Cosmos who successfully bent that power to their will.

    I might also add when the Ren'dorei led by Alleria successfully corrupted the entirety of Stormwind and turned its entire population into Void worshippers, but I will not count this as it happened in an alternate reality.
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    The Blood Elves:

    The restoration of Quel'Delar and cleansing it of the Scourge's dark influences.
    Rebuilding Silvermoon from the ashes of the Third War.
    Being a staple piece of the Horde for "Arcane" based missions, such as stealing the Divine Bell from Darnassus.
    Taking up the art of weaving Blood Magic to form a new Arcane-Blood construct for their own use.

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    While they aren't a playable race the Tol'vir certainely got their crowning moment of awesomeness when they used the Forge of Wills and sacrificed themselves to stop Lei Shen and his army, stopping one of the strongest individuals and greatest conquerors and threat in Azeroth's history.

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