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    Most conservative posters have left the MMO-C off-topic forum for greener pastures.

    There has always been an in-group on the Gen-OT forum that this site's moderators and super-mods don't care to do anything about. The infractions are often extremely biased towards anyone who has a different opinion than the in-group. So now it's turned into a little echo chamber of the same 10 people circle-jerking. (Source: other mmoc moderators).
    Pro-European Union / Pro-Russia / Pro-China
    The EU needs to learn to be more tolerant of conservative and religious communities. It needs to learn to respect cultural freedom and stop trying to force it's own narrow-minded liberal views on the world. It is none of europe's concerns how other nations or even it's own member-nations deal with their own problems. "My ancestors smile upon me. Can you say the same?"

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    Just stop posting and reading that section and move discussions elsewhere. Trust me, you are better off.

    This website has always had shit-tier moderation, more so when it comes to that sub-forum. This is nothing new.

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    If you can't stand the feedback to your postings, don't post. If you want an echo chamber, go to Gab or Parler.

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    I'm not really sure what it expected from this feedback. Moderators aren't here to make sure everyone is always friendly and cheery and don't criticise other posts, and that would be pretty impossible in such a passionate and volatile area are something in politics. Our job is to make sure discussion can happen and posts fall within the rules of the site.

    Since a good chunk of posts in this thread are just complaining about moderation, I'm locking this.

    for moderation questions/concerns, please contact a global:

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