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    Horde [H][OC][Barthilas]<The Midnight> 3/10M - 10/10H - LF More for mythic

    Welcome to The Midnight!
    Currently 3/10M 10/10H SoD.
    Recruiting HEALER/DPS
    The midnight is an Australian raiding guild filled with 10/10 H CN&SoD AotC raiders.
    The core raid team has been together in some form since legion.

    Our main goals are:
    A guild that focuses on achieving AotC for all members of each raid tier. After achieving AotC, if progression and numbers are ideal then mythic progression may occur until the next raid tier to keep the raiding challenge alive.

    We are now looking to focus on mythic progression.

    Our raid times
    Wednesday & Monday 07:30-10:30 QLD Time.
    Optional Alt night Thursday 07:30-10:30 QLD Time.
    (please note daylight savings makes ST differ throughout the year from QLD time)

    Our strengths:
    I would say the members are the best asset, I have been playing with them since early legion. They are friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help others.
    Experienced raid leader (leading AotC for every raid tier since legion)
    A friendly raiding atmosphere
    Some extremely talented healers who are always willing to help other healers improve
    Guild repairs for all raiders (5K/day)
    All raiding supplies supplied to raiders (flasks, food, pots and oils).
    All raiders get access to gbank mythic plus tab that has all your needs for mplus
    Our discord has server boost for better audio quality as well as premium raidbots for faster sims.

    What we are looking for:
    We are looking for reliable, friendly, mature people that are willing to improve and help other guild members.

    Our Raider's Expectations
    - Confirm your attendance on discord.
    - Be online 10 mins prior to raid commencement.
    - Be respectful and supportive to each other.
    - Be raid ready: ensure all gear is enchanted & bring consumables
    - Keep discord chatter down during encounters
    - Maintain 90% attendance during progress. (100% during first 3 weeks)
    - Maintain a satisfactory level of performance
    - Undertstand the class they are playing
    - For normal: R6 Legendary & 240 ilevel minimum.

    If you feel like this maybe for you or you have more questions, please message me

    ingame: imfatshadow-barthilas
    bnet: Fatshadow#1767
    discord: fatshadow#0667
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