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    Ís there a way (or addon) to connect your mounts to your transmogs?

    For example, if I use my DH Night Fae my mount will be a legsplitter, if I use my BE heritage armor my mount will be a warstrider and so son.

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    don't think so, but that'd be a cool addon. Thematic armor/mount looks cool.
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    How would an addon like that work, though? I'd assume you'd have to save the transmog to a set, but would that be done in the transmog window? And what of the mounts? Would the mount tab have mounts saved to each set?

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    I have zero clues about addons. My idea would be to have a /cast mount button and then a new slot in the tmog window where you put in a mount. That button then summons the mount form your current mount slot.

    If anybody does something like that he would be a hero! ;D

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    It seems rather pointless to have as an addon function, when you can just put a specific mount on your bars and mount that one while using your transmog set X. I mean how often do you change your transmog? If it's less often than every week, it takes like 10 seconds to put another mount on your bars.
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    I don't know of any addons that currently do it but it certainly would be possible. It's going to require a bit of work to put together if there isn't someone with API experience who wants to make it (unless you are willing to pay someone a commission).

    The API allows you to get the current transmog info of an item so the first step would probably be for the addon to check X slot for X tmog and after that the specific mount would be summoned.

    It might even be possible to do it via a weakaura.
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    Sorry. I don't know too of any addons

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