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Yeah, as soon as I read those patch notes about the Stables, which haven't been updated in eons, my first thought was that it seems like they took some inspiration from your add-on.

Will have to see what all it adds, but I like that your Add-On adds the diet, setting favorites, and the idea of Beast Squads is super cool for people like me, who sometimes swap active pets for thematic or content purposes. And while I have no idea what the Beast Tamer's Guide was supposed to add, the idea of having an in-game way to find and learn about the different pets would be absolutely fantastic.

So, let's see what they do with Stables, and I'll keep an eye on your Add-On to see what you do next.
Appreciate it Jack! Thanks for checking out the addon.

At this point, we are still in the stage of getting together(doing so tonight actually) to discuss how we move forward with development. Rest assured that we plan to keep things like what you mentioned in there. The good thing is that there's now back-end support for a favorites-system, which wasn't there before, so we had to make it ourselves.

We had plans to add a lot more regarding the Beast Squads with our next update, but due to the changes to the default stables being announced, we had to put things on hold to reevaluate stuff.

The Beast Tamer's Guide is meant to be a combination of a gallery for all tameable pets in the game, where you can check out their appearances, and read up on what they provide, and where to find them. We don't currently have anything finished on that end, but I will include some concept sketches just for you to get an idea of what it's going to be like(part of it, with more layout options also being available ofc).

I will also include a sketch of where my head's at with the new stable manager interface, what I'd like to do with it, but it might change before we have a new release. FYI.

Ideas for the Stable Manager


Beast Tamer's Guide