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    What's your favourite architecture in wow?

    I really like pandaren interior and exterior design, it's quite cozy, especially the fishermen houses. The round ovens, the strewn around pots and kettles... Shelves full of stuff, the wooden warm colours.
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    I can't pick a single favorite one. But maybe a few: Draenei from WoD, Suramar/Nightborne, Boralus/Kul Tiran.
    I love how much attention to detail there is in environments in later expansions.

    Gilneas/Worgen can be amazing if reintroduced and modernized too. I also wish for Stormwind, Silvermoon and Darnas... ( oh, wait), to get a major facelift.

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    Call me boring because I probably am but the new human buildings introduced in WoD with the garrisons and BfA with the Arathi warfront and battleground look incredible to me.

    They're obviously built to embody a stereotype and not challenge it but I think something classic done well, and it doesn't get more classic than knightsTM.

    The updated night elven holes and temples from Legion and especially Aszuna also look incredible.

    EDIT: Scratch that, Ulduar and Storm Peaks far surpass everything else in the game.
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    Suramar, Gilneas. Also old ruins after Kaldorei Empire.
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    Worgen, Human, Dwarf, Elf (NE & BE), Tauren

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    Draenei architecture, it just looks and feels good to see
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    Revendreth, Kul Tiras, and Suramar

    I know Revendreth can be a pain to traverse but I don't think there's ever been such a sense of architectural scale like in that zone. Don't get me wrong Suramar is big but in terms of verticality it's not "a castle towering over a city towering over a forest" kind of big.

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    Blood elf easily. I would love to see them make more new structures where they use magic to get around. Also really like the Gilnean architecture.

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    Gilneas is my favorite.

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    They haven't received fresh examples in years (the Garrison bunker was probably the latest), but even with the Vanilla stock I prefer dwarven architecture the most. It's sturdy, practical and jolly, and there's something inexplicable I like about building into the earth; it's what I 90% pivot towards in Minecraft. If I was an Alliance soldier stationed at some hellhole I'd want my base to be dwarvish build. Honorary mention to Kul Tiras for employing similar character.
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    Gilneas for me.
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    I like Night elf buildings, it's just a shame that they don't show up in recent content (I'll leave the "old content"-rant aside), when new buildings are constructed during quests, they're always human style, or whatever style the current expansion has, i'd like to see more Night elf architecture, it's pretty and somehow soothing...

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    I always liked the combination of ancient, mossy stone ruins and asian-inspired wood buildings the Night Elves had going on back in Classic. Tells you a lot about the race by just looking at the buildings and gives them a sense of history. I also like the openness of the designs. Definitely my favourite.

    Humans are an honorable mention. While I don't like the Stormwind inspired buildings (which is most of human archictecture) Lordaeron city itself looks great with its more intricate masonry and domed roofs. I also really liked Stromgarde before they turned it into a garrison asset flip.
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    I like Titan architecture though it’s a bit way too rich but it reminds me of Baroque era. Stormwind and Dalaran were always very beautiful for me as well as Suramar. I also love Oribos, it’s such an epic landing tube for time travelers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qil View Post
    Suramar, Gilneas. Also old ruins after Kaldorei Empire.
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    Albeit being pretty much the most cliche aesthetic of the game (Classical Medieval).
    In WoW the art team managed to give it a small spin, without moving away from the familiar. What spin is this? : the buildings, specially the churches, seems to have drawn inspiration from romanic and gothic arquitecture. Moving away from the trope and at the same time mixing with it, since its still present in the traditional fantasy castles and towers, the everyday of tolkienish fiction. The more modern architecture (at least compared with typical medieval that the usual media loves to relay upon) + the green landscape of Elwynn makes you feel like you are in a welcoming place.

    The result?
    A cleaner, more idealic and welcoming version of medieval times. A brighet version, as oppose to other fantasy settings that are portrait as darker an more barbaric. SW has even a little bit of Venice/Amsterdam channels.

    <Up to this day, i still think this is the reason of what made World of Warcraft so pleasurable in its beginnings: a colourful, radiant and
    natural escenario to explore in our firsts stages, and a ludic/semantic/narrative relation-making inducement when exploring other, more
    exotic, dark zones, like an adventurer that gets into the hostile unknown wilds and then, comes back home to the good old proverbial
    medieval world, but one that has been designed to feel more bright and graceful than its historical (or... well, even literary), precedents>


    References: I had a list of photos tying-in the in-game buildings and landscapes with their possible real life equivalent, but saddly, new account means no permission to post links. ;( sigh
    Words will have to do:

    The Cathedral of Salisbury and the Cathedral of Stormwind.
    The St Etienne Abbey and Northshire Abbey.
    A well decorated and not lacking in green, narrow slope street in Cordes-sur-Ciel in France could be ressemble any alley of Stormwind if from its fiction we translated it into our reality.
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    Who drew your profile picture? I recognize the artist style but i don't remember the name.
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    Ahn'Qiraj buildings are boss but Skywall is just insanely beautiful.

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    Always liked the gothic style of the Forsaken, which we've not seen much of unfortunately. Other than that the Blood Elf style looks really good and gives a sense of grandure, pride and that it's been built by a society to which magic is common.

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