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    Recovery after exercise?

    I'm easing myself into using my rowerg to get my fitness back. And this week I rowed two days consecutively. I'm probably at a low level and rowing isn't an exercise I have much experience of. I'm not doing a long row in time or distance but I feel it in my calves more than anything. I'm obviously training my muscles in a new way so need to give it time. I'm a walker and cyclist so my legs are actually quite strong.
    My issue is I've just had the worst session I've had and I'm certain it's recovery. How do you know its recovery issues? What time between sessions do you typically have, both as a beginner and after more experience? Do you row on consecutive days? Did you do that from the start of your rowerg use or ease into n it with non-consecutive sessions? Any recovery advice? How can you tell if it is a recovery issue?

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    Depends on age. Generally 24-72 hours depends on intensity as well.

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    Remember to alternate high-intensity workouts with relaxing ones. This will not only allow you to lose weight, but also not to cripple the muscles for which your goal can become unbearably difficult. Daily interval toning will help not only remove body fat, but also build muscle, which will speed up fat burning at times.

    So that at the end of the week you can still walk, sit down, and be free of pain with every movement, start and end your stretching workout. Plus, if you exercise in the morning, then it will not be superfluous to do a little stretching in the evening to relieve the tension from the muscles that appeared during the day and intensified by the workout.

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    High intensity overloading muscles is my favorite workout method, the actual workout takes about 15-20 minutes, isolating and hitting separate parts on different days each day. And do not underestimate recovery and rest. You want to go in your golden years as healthy as possible not with broken back and broken joints.

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    Recovery will be dependent largely on you, diet, pre-intra-post workout sups and routine, how you workout, etc...

    Just as a general guideline, get a good intra and post workout, some pre's have recovery benefits but do your research. A good way to loosen and warm up the next day is to do a quick complex of what you did the prior day. Ie if yesterday was push, ill usually warm up my shoulders and then do a quick couple of sets of 135 on bench. That gets any soreness out for me.
    Honestly if you are that sore the next day, especially joints, you are doing something wrong, either form, or sets. Also if you are deep hypertrophy training, just stop; it has minimal benefits, you don't need to do it. I'd suggest it once every other week honestly, like 1 day push and 1 day pull hypertrophy, and then don't do it again for 2 weeks.

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    I remember when I was a professional soccer player, we used to recuperate in ice barrels after hard training sessions, and it really helped our muscles.

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