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    Quote Originally Posted by kaminaris View Post
    Because you lack of insight. Just as game devs that now reap "rewards" of it. Just like every decision they regretted in the past is a result of lack of insight.
    Really? you missed the obvious mockery I was making of your argument? You some how missed that wasn't my point? Because I tend not to use handwave style arguments against personal opinion styled effects.

    Then you bust out 'lack of insight' which is the biggest meme of hindsight styled arguments. Oh you got a negative result? Insight bro. Its legit meant to include everything but mean nothing constructive at the same time. In this conversation you actually have shown a lack of understanding of the impact of different systems to the point where you didn't even know one of PoE's core anxiety causers existed, while saying it was meant to be "overwhelming". (also NEVER remove content? How many ultimatums you run this league? When was the last time you ran an actual Synth map? No, I don't mean the unique maps but the collapsing ones you have to reach the end of.)

    You pretty clearly don't want to discuss things in good faith, you just want to slap your predetermined label on this topic and ignore the entire discussion as your mind is made up. Have a good one, I guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zentavius View Post
    So tired of this counter argument. Its not remotely disrespecting or devaluing those who earned it when current. They've had it to show off for years now and half of them did it later once it was made easier by purchasable legendaries etc anyway. For many, myself included, not having completed the MT is entirely based on time I had to play back then. I managed to get pathfinder finished and do the story elements but outside of that I barely stepped into the dungeons or raid (even on LFR).

    You may as well complain that iPhones get cheaper over time so yours stops being such a testament to your wealth or love of style over substance. At least I understand more the Elite PvP gear being exclusive, as at those ranks everyone is geared and its entirely skill based (well, that and playing the right class and specs).
    why do u think about a old iphone being cheap over the years is the same that removed content back after a time

    Temporary rewards motivate people to get them for various reasons, some just don't think it's worth the effort or didn't play at the time, it's a shame

    if you tell me that it is an event that occurs for 1 week only once a year, like other events, and you only have that period of time to purchase, then for me it's okay

    now want to put a reward that was announced as temporary and would never return, and that many people only took or did N things to acquire just to be exclusive to that period and then come back with the same rewards? for me its lack of respect and should not happen

    I do not say anything to return the content with new rewards, I believe it would even be a good idea, as the challenge mode/mage tower etc.
    the same reward after announcing it as exclusive? no thanks

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    Removing cool shit from the game is dumb and just makes people want to play less in the long run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohwell View Post
    Most people who claim to be casual on these forums log more weekly hours than mythic raiders....

    Also you seem to be conflating bad with casual. You were able to outgear some of them by the end of Legion. It did not take dedication unless you were among the people who did it in the first few months.
    Sure, but not any more than you are conflating 1 with 12 classes. Yes, AP became easier to farm in the last patch, and there were some welfare gear, but gearing 12 classes to the point of being overgeared in a casual timeframe? Still not an option. That being said, I did only overgear a few of them, but I still think that was too much grinding. The BM hunter one will always stick to my mind due to the particular bad design. Needless to say, I did not have Roots of Shaladrassil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracullus View Post
    You could not only gear, but overgear "challenge" with 7.3 catch up items. And casual is too vague, who is casual?

    Someone that has 5 hours a week to play WoW? He could do it.
    Someone that play only solo? He could do it.
    Someone that only play brainless content? He couldn't do it and he won't be able in 9.1.5 as well.

    No, it has nothing to do with casual vs. hardcore. And it has nothing to do with your imagined "elitist gatekeepers". No one has all FOMO items, everyone is missing something. I have 36/36, but don't have Chosen, Field Medic, any PVP title, not even MoP cloak. But I'm not running around screaming Blizzard should give it all to me cause I'm so important.

    Personally I think this concept has both pros and cons for players, but overall positives (incentive for players to play content while it's current) are greater than negatives (not being able to get every single collectible stuff in game).

    But I would agree that removing content is just pointless. Removing reward works the same, but you don't lose important lore bits or fun content.

    It was perfectly obtainable on chars you played casually during 7.3. 36/36 obviously required preparation (better plan, you spend less time on it), but it's not like casuals are running with 12 max level chars anyway.
    Exactly! it's a hard stretch to say that casuals have 12 max leveled chars, let alone completing the 36 challenges!

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