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    Its a common opinion too, so much so that a mod was made to skip that part of the game altogether... personally I don't use it, but I do find that pretty funny
    I don't know whats worse about it. The forced transformations or the constant backtracking to collect all the stat ups.

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    I seem to recall some areas used at least 3-4 times, and it got old, very fast. Something like that might fly in a huge game like World of Warcraft (we've all seen the same caves and buildings used many times), but not a game as small as this one.
    Worst part is that there is exactly one cave. It has two major areas and about 5-6 entrypoints. Depending on which quest you are doing they just close some ways off with some pretty bad looking rocks that look like a copy pasted JPG. Which it probably is. If you turn the camera into the wall you see the way continues in the shadows...

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    Banjo Kazooie: Love the game, one of my favourites but over time the camera controls have aged horribly that it makes me wonder how I put up with it to begin with :P
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    Hate: I hate how negative and self-centered WoW's community has become. I know it always has been, but these past 2-3 years it has gotten way worse. I still love the game, and I play it with people who I enjoy playing it with, so it doesn't affect me directly, but coming to sites like this, and other community sites like /r/wow, it's just really sad to see.

    Love: I think the Dark Souls series has cool artwork. I think the game(s) is absolute dog shit, the story is presented in the laziest fashion and the game itself is repetitive and boring, but the artwork is pretty cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterymask View Post
    Like: Final Fantasy 9. Trance system is literally the worst mechanic in ff games period. Can strategize around it, too many times it popped up RIGHT as the battle ends then I have like 2 minutes of down time watching the transformation animation. Add in half of them are useless and we got a winner
    Truer words have never been spoken.

    Love: Horizon: Zero Dawn. The world and backstory is amazing, but the present characters are really stiff and doesn't add much to the story apart from Teersa, Sylens and Erend. The rest are kinda flat and I am not sure it's because of the voice actors, the writing or the voice acting direction. I love the game to bits but this annoys me and makes me want to skip dialogue.

    Hate: Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I can't stand the sound design and the Zelda mythos in general. I know, I'm an outcast with these views but Zelda games have never been my cup of tea, although I like Zelda-like games like Okami a lot. But I absolutely love the art direction in this game, from armor/weapons to certain monsters and bosses are amazing and I love it for it.

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    Love witcher 3, hate that I can't play as a proper mage there.
    - i know, I know, witcher and all that. I just love the world and would like to explore it as a real mage,my favorite class archetype in fantasy/rpgs

    Love FFXIV on so many levels, but I hate how the engine and world design hold it back.

    I hate darkest dungeon and its gameplay, but I love the art and setting.

    I hate most modern asian games for their grinding, gambling and p2w, but I generally love the art and class systems.
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