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    This is your post:

    You clearly suggest that it is unusual to have people idle in bnet - which im telling you is totally normal - many people even have bnet load with windows, and so yeah, you will have dozens of people 'afk' in bnet. Your second comment implies they are not playing anything else, which is strange because it suggests anyone who plays wow ONLY plays Blizzard/Acti games, which is all that shows in bnet.
    wouldnt they not show as afk if they were playing something else?not in blizz app i mean

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    Tuesday around primetime? Pretty full. Every other day? Pretty dead.

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    Full of people who haven't been on for 5-6 years

    WoD was good times

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    Pretty good, during normal person hours. I have been put back on a shit schedule at work and find myself looking for other people who are scared of the sun to game with. On the weekend I probably have over 100 folks on my frields list online doing something. Also part of 2-3 very active mythic+/Raid groups that have hundreds of people all the time talking.

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    20-30ish? Some retail, some classic. Sometimes people in my guild discord are playing PoE / GW2 / OSRS though? Wow kind of moved beyond guild chat and in-game friend lists to Discord tbh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    So my friendlist usually has around 50-60 people online, all tho only 5-10 of those are usually online in WoW.
    rest just AFK in how about you, how many of your friends actually play?
    One guy. He's the 100% completionist type.
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    About 10 RL and 3 WoW friends. Only 1 RL and 2 WoW friends.

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    Almost all are just Idle from 20 or so on bnet.

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    Think most just have bnet load with windows.
    Do you hear the voices too?

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    I have one real life friend on there who, for whatever reason is completely oblivious of all the BS Blizz is throwing at us, who's always online.

    Other than that? Dead.

    Guild? Dead.

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    5 to 20, depending on days. Often 10+ every late night because guildies are on.

    Half my friend list isnt on or just in, which is funny since those are never playing any of the games, and have not done so in years. Then again quite few friends I got 10+ years ago.
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    Got so many friends that's just junk... should really clear it up, but guildies on my list still plays + 2-3 people who added me after m+ runs but never really talked to again.
    Probably more of those m+ friends that I can't remember who quit though... so hard to say tbh. As long as guild is alive I'm gucci.

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    0 friends on the list. rarely has there been more than 1 or 2, as I've always been a more solo/pug player with my own guild full of my own alts.
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    Extended to 180 thanks to the cap raise from the Favorites feature. I haven’t purged my list for a while and it’s time I did. I’ve only kept it that way due to laziness and nostalgia.

    Only about 8-12 of them play every day, with two thirds of them in TBC Classic. Most of the ‘baby murloc’ players I added in late BFA have been offline for a while.

    During Legion most of them were online playing. BFA launch I observed at least 3 quarters playing, and SL 2 quarters. Over half in my list were online during vanilla Classic and TBC Classic. During the early stages of the pandemic most were online but not necessarily playing WoW (try Hearthstone or CoD), nor playing at all.

    Should be noted that only a few 8 are in my inner circle, rest are guildmates, longtime peeps I met on other servers, and newbies I’ve helped. One common trend in the list is that a set of friends will go offline but another group comes online for the long period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ParanoiD84 View Post
    Almost all are just Idle from 20 or so on bnet.
    Think most just have bnet load with windows.
    I thinks its intentional for chatting. I can get hold even of some rl friends easier on bnet than other channels and same happens in reverse when people want something from me which is the sole reason i keep it running. Bnet kinda became a new ICQ despite the existence of discord.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    I uninstalled WoW and the BattleNet client a while ago, so I have no idea.
    I'm in the same boat. But judging from former guildies who I still keep in touch with in Discord, there are only 8 or 9 folks actively playing out of ~40. And at least 5 of them are chilling in a BC server.
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    It's very dead

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    I would say maybe about 6-7 play actively, I have some who play daily. Others just raid log on.
    Personally I do not play anymore, but I will sign on sometimes to goof around in Moonguard wit tem on a f2p

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    Deader than I've ever seen. I play on Alliance, so seeing it like that? It makes sense.

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    Pretty much everyone has quit at this point. It was a slow process that started back in WOD but now most of them have permanently moved over to FFXIV, even the most stalwart of Blizzard defenders has been forced to surrender.

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    About 25 online, and around 15 of them on WoW, the rest just logged in on

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