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    Every exp we have had so far, all zones was connected together.

    But in Shadowlands you cant fly from zone to zone, you have to use flight path (Empty space between each zone). I just feel like the world feels so disconnected.

    Do other feel the same way?

    Takes the world out if warcraft.
    Honestly that's one of the positives about Korthia: It is at least something that resembles a part of a world again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    Idk about BfA zones, the transition between Tiragarde and Stormsong or Drustvar looked quite natural - I still think that, for all of BfA's flaws, they are some of the best zones ever made.

    When it comes to Horde zones, they are a quite mixed bag though. Sure, Vol'dun is quite beautiful in its own right, but it being located next to a lush jungle and to a freaking swamp doesn't make any sense, no matter how you slice it.

    Kul Tiras wasn't as bad, but damn.

    Ya know what zone was an absolute joke though? NAZJATAR.
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    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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