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    Recruitment - Draenor EU Burning Embers 3/10 HC

    About us: We were founded back in Mists of Pandaria with a primary goal to Raid and have fun within a pleasant atmosphere.
    Currently we are rebuilding the guild, due to the big step up of the current state of the game. Our progress at the moment is 3/10 HC and want to go all the way to Sylvanas.

    Raid days: Tuesday & Sunday, 20:00-23:00 ST

    People that we need:
    • Easy-going people whose main goal is to achieve AOTC in upcoming raids while having fun without much pressure.
    • Regular and systematic players, we do not require attendance, but we aim to create solid and regular raid team that will improve together over time.
    • People who want to improve, learn and get better at the game in friendly and stable environment.

    Roles that we need:
    • DPS
    • Tank

    Future plans:

    We are aiming to fully clear Heroic.
    Do the Raid achievements.
    Re-clear the Raid with our alt as well.

    Contact: Discord: TotalTunt#3017, Terravibe#2242
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