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    Spirit link tips

    Chaps as someone who just PUGs M+, any tips for using SLT? I know everyone says its such a powerful cooldown but so often people run out of it (for example this week, DH tank has huge necrotic stacks, I throw down SLT and he does that flappy bird thing to the other side of the platform.)

    So anyone got any Eureka! moments to share so that I can get the best out of it?

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    There is no big secret. To efficiently heal as shaman the group needs to support you, and if they don't realize that or simply are not aware of it then nothing will help you.

    That's why pugging as shaman heal really is annoying, the mage stands just in front of Ironforge while the hunter shoots from Stormwind, and the tank is moving the mobs just so that the rogue is standing outside the healing rain when the big aoe starts to hit.

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    That second para made me lol. So true!

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    Most value of link comes from the first tick when you drop it down. Use it as "oh shit" button when tank suddenly drops extremely low and is about to die. It will buy you enough time to recover.

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    I use weak aura to announce my spirit link, earthen wall etc. Don't forget spirit link can be used as a damage reduction and doesn't have to just be used as a health equalizer.

    I would link my Weak Aura settings but not sure how to do that here.

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    This is my favorite character

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