<Keep Push>

About <Keep Push> :
We are a team of raiders who transferred to Netherwind from Kirtonos on during the TBC Pre-Patch, where we were previously known as <Convergence>. We have existed all the way from MC in the first month of Classic to farming KT, and have cleared all current content in the first couple weeks of TBC Classic (Kara week one, multiple Kara groups and Gruul/Mag week two). Our team is a group of ex-vanilla WoW gamers who are all about having fun, while being serious and efficient in raids. While we do not enforce strict raid comp or enforce professions on raiders, we do expect all raiders to be prepared and understand their class/role. We currently hold the 6th fastest alliance Kara clear on the server.

Raid time :
Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30pm to 12:00am (invites start at 8:00pm) EST.

Loot system :
EPGP based system for all 25 man content (10-man raids will be at the discretion of raid leader)

Expectations :
- Be able to fully commit to our raiding schedule.
- Come Prepared (Enchants, Gems, Consumes and basic knowledge of the fights)
- Ability to take constructive feedback from officers privately

Open Recruitment spots:
1. Enhance Shaman
2. Boomkin
3. Resto Shaman
4. Holy Pally
5. Holy Priest

We are open to all exceptional candidates or group of candidates outside our current open spots.

Discord below, or DM here, or on Disc (you can find me in the discord below)