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yeah it would make sense for alleria to play a role.
you know what also wouldve made sense?
- having illidan actually meet with tyrande and malfurion in legion (not that "memory crystal" bullshit).
- or having azshara meet tyrande and malfurion again in BfA.
- or having thrall meet garrosh in SoD.
- or having ner'zhul meet sylvanas/arthas/kel'thuzad, before half of them got dropped in the same raid.

you see a pattern here? the writers didnt. bc they dont give a shit.
Honestly I think Thrall's done enough with Garrosh. What's garrosh gonna say to thrall that he hasn't already? What is thrall going to say to him?


"yeah, I know."

The rest I agree with though, I feel like Tyrande/Malfurion/Illidan/Aszhara cross overs particularly strange since they're all active players in the expansion. Its not like they're off screen they just aren't...actually seeing eachother. No reuinion, and for some reason the 'big win' for the night elves wasn't defeating Aszhara, their long-term nemesis and blemish upon their race....but retaking one zone they lost and having their leader go on a useless murder-suicide romp that she just got better from eventually.