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    Disney vs. Studio Ghibli

    Who is the champion?

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    Why not both? What they create is so inherently different that I'd argue they're not really competing in the first place.

    Pixar vs. Dreamworks would be a more apt comparison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AryuFate View Post
    Who is the champion?

    They each have their own style and setting, even their own method of storytelling.

    They are both great studios, both having made gems of their own but they are not in the same category, so in my book, not up against each other.
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    ..umm if memory serves Disney owned the publishing rights for a long time....

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    It depends. These companies are large enough and old enough that there are multiple different eras and creators. Some are good, some are bad.

    If we're talking about golden age Disney way back when Walt was alive, then it was pretty good. Also gotta give credit where credit is due for pretty much defining animation as well know it today. Tarzan was also good. If you include live action, then a lot of the old stuff put out in the 50s and 60s was really good, like Swiss Family Robinson. For modern stuff, I guess maybe the first two Narnia movies were decent, but that's it. Outside of that? Bottom of the barrel filth. The 3D CGI movies are forgettable and the live action stuff is bottom of the barrel filth. Maybe pretty, but still garbage.

    For Ghibli, again it depends. Miyazaki's stuff tends to be good, but not perfect. His films tend to have anti-climatic endings, and the preachiness and the hypocrisy is overbearing. He also stands on the shoulders of giants (Disney), but I prefer the aesthetic of his movies to almost all Disney movies (that exception being Tarzan). His movies tend to have more memorable soundtracks than Disney's. The non-Miyazaki films by Ghibli range from decent (Pom-Poko) to... subpar (the grossly overrated Grave of the Fireflies), to legit bad (Tales from Earthsea).

    Overall: Miyazaki Ghibli films > Walt era Disney > Ghibli overall >>>>>>>>>>> Disney overall

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    Pixar vs. Dreamworks would be a more apt comparison.
    Prince of Egypt was really good. Seriously good. But then they started macking incredibly disrespectful, irreverent schlock. Kung Fu Panda 1 and How to Train your Dragon 1 were unusually good but still held back by the fart jokes. Everything else is garbage.

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    I don't think Pixar was the most amazing thing ever like people made them out to be (Bug's Life and Ratatouille are forgettable), but they were overall pretty good. At least while Lassetter was in charge and when they only sequel they had done was Toy Story 2 (one of the few sequels to be better than the original). The last good movie they did was Up. Then they started making sequel shit. Yeah yeah everyone talks about the ending of Toy Story 3 but personally I felt that it really suffered, and the ending message was awful.

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    for me its ghibli, hands down. i havent rewatched a disney movie in years while i rewatch mononoke at least once a year and other ghibli movies as well.

    but im also a fucking weeb, so take that with a grain of salt ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Val the Moofia Boss View Post
    I don't think Pixar was the most amazing thing ever like people made them out to be (Bug's Life and Ratatouille are forgettable), but they were overall pretty good.
    Yeah remember that time people specifically picked out A Bug's Life for an example of Pixar work?

    Me neither.

    Honestly this is borderline frustrating to a degree to a point that it's coming across just as trying too hard.

    Like, Finding Nemo? The OG Toy Story? Soul? Inside Out?

    It's genuinely undeniable how impactful these movies are, and that's just scraping the surface. Hell, Inside Out alone, the fact that there's a movie that psychologists are able to use to help kids understand the importance of mental health.

    It's fine to prefer one over the other of course, but there's just absolutely no way in hell to genuinely ask if Studio Ghibli holds a candle to Disney overall at any point. The success speaks for itself. But that's not to knock Ghibli, after all, just because there's a literal juggernaut of a company doesn't make what they've accomplished less impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AryuFate View Post
    Who is the champion?


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