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    Quote Originally Posted by Teaklog View Post
    To be fair, I’d use it more if they didnt overload my phone with ads, constantly redirect me to random ad websites on here, and make up about 60% of the ‘cookies tracking your browsing data’ that my software shows me even though I come here maybe once a week max.

    (i’ve been redirected to advertisements 6 times while typing this comment)
    I use Firefox with adblock plus, and NoScript. And I see zero advertising.
    As for the name, it seems generic enough to cover any and all mmos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lighthope View Post
    I don't think MMO-Champion is the proper name for this site.

    The name bespeaks that it would cover all MMOs, or at least the popular ones.

    The fact that is only covers WoW means the name is improper.

    WoW-Champion would be much more appropriate and descriptive.

    I would not think the name of a website you barely post on could be such a problem for you.

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    I don't get why this website is so reluctant to cover other MMO's tbh.

    There's loads of great ones on the market. Heaven forbid there might be an alternative to WoW out there.

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    Again, I thought the name comes from:

    He is the mmo champion.

    Why is everyone being so Drax about this lol

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    I had the exact same rant like 10 years ago, maybe even made a thread about it myself, don't remember.

    The answer given back then was...there is only one mmo champion, and this site is all about it

    Makes perfect sense
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cavox View Post
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    This has been covered lots of times here. It's even in our FAQ.

    It doesn't make any sense to rebrand a site that has been functioning under a particular name for over a decade.
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