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    Is there a place in the rules that shows the point values and expiration times for the different type of infractions people get on this site?

    For example, if Scrapbot said I was trolling, and hits me with a 5 point infraction, does that always take 90 days to expire?

    This is more of a question / feedback thread. Just curious to know a little more about that system, because I read the infraction FAQ but couldn't find anything relating to like a table of the different types of infractions and the amount of time before those expire.

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    There's no table because it's not as complex as you're assuming. The infraction reason isn't relevant; it's based on the point value. 5 pointers always take 90 days to expire, regardless of context or reason. These cover nearly every infraction issued on the site.

    There are a few rare exceptions: Signature infractions are worth only 4 points and expire in 30 days. The sig "infraction" is really just there to record that it's been addressed in account history, not to be punitive. That's why these expire fast and can't trigger a ban. Serious infractions that are worth high value points have a longer expiration times, and issued permabans don't expire at all, but these won't affect the average user.
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