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    How much gold does the Average TBC Player have?

    I'm sitting at 12k gold with 4 70 alts. Do not farm that much and donate to guild if we need things. Have 1 epic mount on my "farmer". Interested to see where I stand among others.

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    You're probably way above the average tbh.
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    At least tree fiddy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hallheal View Post
    I'm sitting at 12k gold with 4 70 alts. Do not farm that much and donate to guild if we need things. Have 1 epic mount on my "farmer". Interested to see where I stand among others.
    WIth the amount of time you have spent leveling 4 characters to 70, made enough money for both flying speeds on a character, and to have 12k afterward. You have more money AND time than the average wow player.
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    30k after 2 70s with epic flying. Don't farm much, but xferred from a dead server so I spent a week farming mana thistle to bring over with me and had a good chunk of gold from GDKPs in vanilla classic.

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    Dead servers do pay off!!

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    14k with 3 70's, only main has epic flyer. My guild is a GDKP guild though, i expect my gold to skyrocket this phase as I play Ele and t5 is a prety shit phase for us with many items remaining BiS from previous tier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hallheal View Post
    Dead servers do pay off!!
    So you can fly around Outlands while it's dead and nobody is there? Hell I can do that on retail.

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    Got about 4k gold, 2x 70's and none of them have purchased epic flying yet and i have about 1,5 days played at 70 combined.

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    Current gold is kinda irrelevant, I play a paladin and I weigh any gold cost in time spent in stratholme at ~300g/hour. So, my consumes in t4 were about 30 min in stratholme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LedZeppelin View Post
    At least tree fiddy
    lol on this

    Ontopic: I know this isn't part of the topic but back in the day (2007) I was so broke I never legit never ever had above 2,000G - I'd spend most my money on repairs, and misc bs because I was a big time nub

    I'd imagine today that people are much better with their gold.. kind of like society and real money: Back in the day I would blow all my money on dumb stuff - now I invest anything extra into that VTSAX .. Off Topic there sorry

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    Inflation only continues. Yesterday I sold 3x nether leg epic version at 330g a pop...Easy to run heroics as tank and ask for nether ressed, and just sell them on days when price is higher.

    Im on like 6k gold atm, having bought epic flying also, only 1 70. But I also AH play and had 3500g from vanilla carried over.

    Anyway inflation is key - In WOTLK I farmed a lot for the 16k mammoth back then, only to start AH playing...and never looked back since then. Was it 400k gold in cata, to 3.5 million gold in WOD when inflation really started, and now 28 million...

    AH playing is stupidly out of this world insane in Shadowlands...There are people, many, who made 10-100 million gold since launch...Im closing in on 20 myself.

    TLDR: Inflation is key. Everyone might be better players now, but you still need inflation....Also fuck all the botting in TBC...SO MANY FUCKING BOTS JESUS... Now thats inflation.
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    I think before I unsubbed I was on 43k, but I still had epic flying to buy for my alt when it hit 70.

    Average is probably a few thousand. Some people in my guild also didn't have epic flying for the whole time I played.

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    400 of raw gold for both healing characters that i care.
    None of my 70s got epic flying tho.
    Maxed JC (got all rare/meta gem recipes), Enchanting, Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Fishing and Cooking which costed ALOT to achieve all of these.
    Around 4-5k in gems/consumes/ench mats stored in bank for future content too.
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    200k on one character , I couldn't be arsed making any more characters.

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    ~300-400g. I just raid log at this point. Though, i did make and spend about 20k from launch to a few weeks in. Blinkstrike, crafted gear, enchants, etc. no epic flying though
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    How the fuck is this trolling?

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    The average player probably has like 1k. I have 26k with 2 characters at 70.

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    I had 12-15k back in dah day. So many hours in good old Nagrand skinning for Cobra Scales lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hallheal View Post
    I'm sitting at 12k gold with 4 70 alts. Do not farm that much and donate to guild if we need things. Have 1 epic mount on my "farmer". Interested to see where I stand among others.
    Back it real TBC, far from all players could afford 5.000 gold for epic flight.
    And if they did, it was on main only.

    We had to cancel raids in TBC, because people couldn't afford repair bills or even the 50g fee for talent swap. Money was hard to come by back then.
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    I have 11g right now.

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