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    Holy Paladin mastery: simple fix

    I get why holy's mastery is what it is and it's to promote melee healing, which is fine. But MW is melee too and their mastery doesn't gimp their ranged heals.

    Maybe if in 10.0 they replace the current mastery with the shock barrier legendary and make crusader's might baseline it'd promote a fun melee play style without making our ranged heals weaker.
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    Basically shock barrier is a re-work of the old paladin mastery since cataclysm ( heals would leave a shield worth 15% of your healing )

    Which isn't too bad perse, but I would love to see a rework that does something with class fantasy.

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    Gief Eternal Flame and I'll be happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huzzaa View Post
    Gief Eternal Flame and I'll be happy.
    I miss eternal flame so much.

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    Holy is in a weird spot because there is an old kit for ranged healing, as well as newer kit for melee healing. Both styles have their fans, and it's kind of awkward to fit both into a single spec. I love the melee style and would like to see our ranged tools get replaced with better melee tools, but the old style also has its fans. Also, Retail's smaller raid sizes means that healers needs to be OK in everything scenario, because there may only be 2 of them in a 10man raid. Compare that to 40man raids where you have 8 healers, and its easy to see why healing classes are so homogenized now.

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