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    I don't even want to do the current mythic raiding because it's 20 man.

    Put this in as a 10 man and I'm sold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalocy Jim View Post
    Would you be okay with an "Elite Mythic" Challenge-Mode raid difficulty? (Y/N/M)

    Let me explain:

    • Elite Mythic Challenge-Mode would be a 20 man raid difficulty where it scaled all gear players are wearing to a certain ilvl.
    • All raids in the game (all the way back to Molten Core to current expansion raids) would be available in this mode.
    • The trash, and bosses would be ultra hard. It would take pin point precision and coordination and several attempts to kill bosses in this "challenge" mode.
    • No "gets easier over time", it would be content that would never be removed, so players of all skills would have ample opportunity to get better and clear all challenge mode raids if they really wanted to.
    • It would be a step in the direction of making all raid content created in the game relevant at all times.
    • It could also have some sort of timed mechanic to it, as an added layer of rewarding players. So if you complete it in Bronze, Silver, or Gold times, you get better or different rewards as a result.

    The Rewards?:

    Only cosmetic, transmog items, along with mounts, pets, toys. No character power upgrades at all.

    It could be rewarded by completing a raid, by a set of raids, by expansion, by theme, etc. There could be several ways to put rewards in this system. Kill a certain number of bosses, get rewarded, kill more bosses, get better rewards, kill all bosses, ultimate rewards.
    this is the definition of a feature that would require "cost you a raid tier" levels of effort that legit less than 1% of players would be able to complete.

    not that i'm against a harder tuned version of timewalking, but making it harder than mythic raids is a bit too extreme, and rolling it out for all raids at once is just not practical.

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    if you can get already existing rewards and collectible why not
    if not, hell no sorry

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    But why?

    That's not a question you've answered.

    "For a challenge-only difficulty." isn't a satisfactory reason, either.
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    Mythic itself should be cosmetic only as it's a completely unnecessary difficulty to begin with and it would reduce the ilvl bloat.
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    So, basically ff14 ultima raids?

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    Awful idea, Mythic Raiding is already like 5% of the raiding player base this will make even less also this "idea" is basically FF14 Ultima Raids.

    What this shitty game needs is more solo/party challenging stuff for cosmetic, only nerds and virgin are interested in "DURR I GOT 3140 SCORE AND DID SANGUINE 23+ IN TIME!" who cares? What is the difference from another with 3138 score? nothing you are like the bimbos on tik tok clone of a clone of a clone.
    People want to do "SANGUINE 23" FORTFIED NECROTIC TYRANNICAL and get the most insane batshit mount or xmog to flex in Oribos, nothing less nothing more.

    Bring back Legion M+ Timewalking and slap a Keystone Master Legion TM and give an armored Argus Mythic mount, a title and some weapon xmog from Legion that were never used.
    Flood the game with titles like Final Fantasy 14 and mounts that arent the usual shitty horse behind any kind of achivement from the dumbest to the hardest.

    Do the same for every dungeon from Classic to BFA, with some adjustements and exceptions, slap cosmetics/mounts/title for anything so people will have stuff to do during boring draught.

    Tower Mage is back? Fantastic now each time you complete all the class challenge with a different class you get a title tied for that class for example doing all Paladin Challenge gives you the title " Lawbringer %name " and if you do all 7 challenges and unlock all class sets you get the unique title "God/Goddess of War %name" and a mount to show off "Yea bitch i have done all tower mage challenges, sit down"

    puff easy, people will get a boner thinking to get this and flex in oribos or in goldshire.
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    I don't believe anyone could make this suggestion in good faith.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalocy Jim View Post
    Well there would need to be necessary hype and build-up to the feature before its launched of course.

    Also, it would be a dream balancing scenario for Blizzard because they wouldn't have to take into consideration varying degrees of ilvl that players would be wearing. The encounters could be tuned to 1 specific item level for everyone in the raid.

    There would be world firsts for this kind of content. There would be raiding communities and hype built up to get players involved. Just like the challenge mode dungeons back in MoP and WoD, it received great acclaim and even got more people involved when they announced that the challenge mode sets would be removed.

    Maybe there could be seasons to this type of content, that if you complete the challenges during a specific season, you get exclusive cosmetic rewards based on that season, and they could even change some of the encounter mechanics from season to season to switch things up and provide variety for long run participation and involvement.

    I think this would be an amazing thing for the raiding community, and would keep all content relevant well after its introduced to the game.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well the assets are already in the game. Tuning and reward structure would be the only levers they would need to pull to update the raids and make the system interesting.

    Sure, there would be many players who wouldn't participate in it, but it would be another option for content for ALL players who really want it. It also depends on how cool the rewards are. Power isn't what all players care about, but it certainly is a motivating factor to do harder content. What if the hardest content was just a challenge on skill? You were not at a disadvantage among other players because when you entered the challenge raid, your gear automatically is a specific item level that is static for every challenge raid.

    In essence, this system puts ALL players on an equal playing field, and the only determining factor to completing these raids and obtaining the cosmetic rewards is the skill of the players.
    I agree with you that they should start designing the game more around skill than gear. Like I said, I think the only mode that should use reg gear is world content and normal on raids/ dungeons/ pvp. The rest should be templates. I would even go as far as having a difficulty slider that you can adjust before you start the raid so that you can set it where you want to be. The rewards would adjust accordingly. I have played single player games that had something like this over 10 yrs ago, so they can do it.

    There is no point in having multiple game difficulties that can be outwitted just by getting gear. Struggling in normal SOD- farm some low level mythic+ and outgear it, same for heroic- just farm higher keys. Walk into heroic SOD geared 240+ from failed 13-15 keys and outgear heroic. There's not really a reason to have multiple gear dependent difficulties, its more of a trick to get you to play the same content more- not really a "challenge."

    I'm just not sure players would really want this. They did something like this with challenge modes (the precursor to M+). Finishing all challenge modes on gold awarded a set of sic transmog weapons- they are really nice and worth it. Not many did it because it was just cosmetics and it was difficult at the time.

    Plus I think it is more work than you think. When tuning for challenge, you need to hit that sweet spot between "challenging enough" and "too difficult." Remember also- greater challenge is not always just bigger numbers. The bosses have new abilities at the higher difficulties or some of the abilities will work differently. Redoing all raids or even raid/ dungeons would be a ton of work. More work just repurposing old content instead of making new stuff.

    Plus your target audience is guilds that have already completed mythic. That is a small number and not even all of those would be interested.

    Maybe they could highlight a raid boss from the past and retune him/her/ it for a test run of this and see how it goes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by micwini View Post
    No one would do this content
    Challenge mode dungeons were quite popular in MoP and only rewarded cosmetic rewards. Same with Mage tower.

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    I think itd be better with a rotating weekly legacy raid then with some nice rewards at an ilvl between heroic and mythic, and difficulty somewhere between the two aswell. A mythic challenge doesnt rly fit the weekly format.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    I don't believe anyone could make this suggestion in good faith.
    Well it is jaylock

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