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    Ever tried so hard to posture as a "totally not sexist btw" company that you accidentally go full fundamentalist Christian? Well, Blizzard did.

    At that point it almost looks like self parody

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    I understand the name change of The Big Love-Rocket.

    The Twin Consorts change makes no sense to me as that was literally their purpose for being given to Lei Shen in the first place, It's meant to be extremely demeaning what was done to them as the name was no pun or had any accidental meaning. Besides, "consorts" were a regular thing that men had back in more misogynistic times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Th3Scourge View Post
    That's ok, you can have your piece of shit game that would rather remove the word 'consort' and replace women with fruit than actually fix their game.

    You don't need to remove a word from the game or replace women with fruit to show the world that you don't harass women. Just don't harass women.

    And yes, the HR department that is driving these changes are in control of the content we see now. They are absolutely pushing their own agenda. You'd have to fucking blind not to see that
    Haha, I make my determination on whether to play the game based on whether I enjoy the gameplay. Not based on completely irrelevant changes to the names of items and NPCs. But sure, I’d much rather have the game as is than be a conspiratorial nut job that sees hidden agendas everywhere they look.

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    I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what they do with the Den of Mortal Delights. I'm personally hoping they just go full 4kids with it and have all the women in there wearing business suits and they just turn it in to the Den of Financial Accounting or something

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    LFG_LIST_PVP_ILVL_ABOVE_YOURS (New) - You can't require an item level higher than your own

    Don't hold your breath people this links to

    Group Finder Improvements
    PvP categories now use the player’s PvP Item Level instead of their regular Item Level.


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