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    The problem is solo players being gated out of everything unless we as solo players are thick skinned and can handle the pug environment, which because of competition is less friendly than it could be.

    Make azeroth friendly again! #Soloque
    i mean if you want to play solo surely there are games that are more to your liking than mmorpg...
    with exception of tiny bits current content wow was never meant for solo players, so complaining about that is a bit like playing counter strike and complaining that its too violent...

    as for PUGs, do to my work schedule i pug a lot, and have basicaly zero issues, from my experience people who complain how pug is toxic or unfriendly are usualy the reason behind it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alicianna View Post
    Blizzard seems to have a certain problem on how to handle this boosting and gold selling problem. Mostly because people use Trial Accounts for advertising. The discussed having a certain amount of Achievement Points, Reporting tools etc.

    I think the most effective way would be to connect the Battle.NET to some sort of unique ID. I think a mobile phone number would be a good thing. Once you connect that number when you create a new account, that number is „burned“. This would not make a huge difference for most people… you could have up to 4 WoW Accounts, and never get into trouble.
    But for people that create massive amounts of Trial Accounts, or behave toxic on a regular basis. This could soon turn out to be a problem. True, you could buy a new SIM-Card everytime, but it would make those thinks pretty expensive.
    From the game side, they should monitor the chat and reports more closely and I‘m betting that the whole sell-Run, gold-selling and toxicity would dim down to at least BC-Levels and they could tune down monitoring again.
    If for some reason phones don‘t work, drivers licence, ID, credit-card number would work as well… depending on what country your living in.
    First of all why change the current limit of WoW Accounts from 8 to 4? How would your solutiong handle people with more than 4 WoW accounts. They would need to buy another number or say goodbye to other accounts?

    Secondly, trial accounts can't use any of the chat channels, they can only use SAY. They can't form groups, they can't make group finder groups. There aren't many options for advertising on a Trial account. Most of the advertising happens on TRADE chat or Group Finder, you need to pay some money to use those. And for Group Finder you also need high level character. And you can't upgrade trial account with WoW Token because you can't buy WoW Token on a trial since you can't have more than 1000 gold and can't use mail so you can't send gold from another account.

    To sum up Trial accounts are not the problem here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vampyr78 View Post
    To sum up Trial accounts are not the problem here.
    wait,wait, are you trying to say someone didnt even bother to understand the issue before making half-baked "solution" on forums?
    thats so unusual...

    but yeah, trial accounts would probably be useless for advertising, afaik you cant even go "oldschool" and whisper people asking them if they want gold

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    Majority of the times I’ve encountered toxic people is when someone in the group is underplaying for their spec and ilvl. They aren’t pulling enough dps, healing and/or they’re not doing the mechanics.

    My tip to avoiding toxic people is to play well. If you’re constantly running into toxic people, chances are you’re the problem. I’m not defending toxic players, but when you give them ammo, of course they’re going to spend the whole magazine.

    Pull up a wowhead guide, study your class and ball out. If you play good and do everything in your power to help the group succeed, you won’t encounter toxic people. If you play bad and underperform, you’re going to upset people and they might treat you as lesser.
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    I have no hope for the situation

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