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    Have they explained how some souls can manifest themselves on Azeroth?

    I haven't had the chance to play Shadowlands as much as I would like to, so I have missed if they have.

    Have they explained in this expansion how souls are able to manifest themselves on Azeroth? I understand that things like the ghosts in the ruins in Ashenvale and Darkshore are souls that are stuck, but what about souls that temporarily show up?

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    i can't say 100% they haven't but they never addressed it in 9.0. i stopped playing in January. the closest i follow the lore anymore is the cinematics that get posted to the home page. but i haven't seen any discussion on this so my guess is no.

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    Nope, never really explained. Some souls are able to cross the veil of life and death, but this seems to be a thing only really done by Kyrians in the form of Spirit Healers, and Maldraxxus soldiers looking for intel.

    Not to but too fine a point on it, but I wouldnt personally try to make sense of the Shadowlands. The afterlife should stay inherently unexplainable, and this expansion is a perfect example of why. Trying to explain even the simplest things leads to further questions that in turn cannot be answered without themselves opening up a new can of worms.

    If I were to hazard a guess as to what the explanation could possibly be, I would say souls with strong ties to life can briefly manifest through sheer force of will, but in the absence of conclusive proof this is just a theory.
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