View Poll Results: Will they pull a [Lore] ripcord in hope to save the expansion?

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  • Yes, they will want to please the playerbase by any means.

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  • No, this wouldn't be considered as important as the other changes they're doing.

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    No. To perform surgery on the narrative you'd have to go back multiple expansions and it's exponentially easier to use the current setup and the Blue Man's Thanos snap to edit whichever parts of the story the current writing staff don't like. Suppose you make all of Shadowlands a hallucination and Sylvanas strokes out off-screen. Now you're at the end point of BFA where the factions and all their major characters are identical clones of each other who've come to an absurd peace and you've killed the last Old God in a side patch. You could go back to the end of Legion and do BFA: Actual Faction War edition, but given the company is currently focusing on making harem staff be unisex I somehow doubt they'd have the chops to tell such a narrative. Go any further back and you're in such towers of storytelling like killing every WC3 TFT character on a glowing neon spaceship run by jigsaw pieces because they went insane off-screen, or helping put together multi-coloured pieces of Thrall and ruining the space time continuum so he can shoot a laser beam at a dragon.

    Given both the skill of the writer staff even more so now that Brooks, one of the best in their stable, is out and the quality of the narrative well before then, lol TBC, lol Green Jesus, lol the lessons of Pandaria, such changes would be mostly turning the narrative even more towards what the current staff enjoy. There is however a higher chance for them to go hammier with it, so more Legion-tier stabbing the planet and less of Sadfang/Sylvanas pondering whether chopping/shooting children is wrong.
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    Well for one the idea that you can pull the ripcord on the lore like you did with covenants is meaningless to begin with. The old lore is still there, you cannot change the way the content is consumed in the same way you could change covenants to be freely swappable.

    As for major retcons I am of the belief that doing so would just be infinitely worse than simply trying to make the best of what we have.
    N'zoth was defeated in a patch that felt bolted on, that isn't going to change by having it all be a dream. You can still come up with some mumbo-jumbo to allow us to fight him again, but for real this time, but it would then be better to do so within the framework we have over just tearing it down to start again.
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    No. They believe this progressive bullshit is the epitome of modern fantasy storytelling.
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