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    Gonna be another one recommending Warhammer dwarves as some of the dwarfiest dwarves that ever dwarfed. The Gotrek and Felix Slayer series (Trollslayer, Skavenslayer, Daemonslayer and so on) explores a lot of the Warhammer world through the eyes of a dwarf Slayer (well, his personal remembrancer) and Daemonslayer is the first to have a lot of other dwarves.
    Quote Originally Posted by Maljinwo View Post
    Warhammer dwarves by far
    They are no joke

    I never got into Warhammer, mainly due to not finding the time not because of any opinion on it, but I did always love their designs from a distance
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    I wrote this in another thread a while back, but the one thing I adore about dwarves is their architecture. It's sturdy, practical, jolly, and there's something inexplicable I like about building into the earth; it's what I 90% pivot towards in Minecraft. If I was an Alliance soldier stationed at some hellhole I'd want my base to be dwarven built. They haven't received fresh examples in years (the Garrison bunker was probably the latest), but even with the Vanilla stock I prefer dwarven architecture the most.

    In fact I even switched to Alliance for the summer of 2005 when old Orgrimmar didn't appeal to me at all and blood elves weren't in the game yet. Back then Ironforge was the main capital of Alliance, the only one offering certain essential services you couldn't find even in Stormwind, and dwarves were the main Alliance force in Alterac Valley. I returned to Horde after that summer, because my friends were there, but I didn't really care for the Horde until TBC added blood elves and Wrath better orcish architecture. Meanwhile dwarves lost their place to humans. Humans are fine, but below dwarves and a bunch of Horde races.
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    Dark Iron dwarves should actually be coming up next if they are going in chronological order, which I suspect they are since the Legion ones got updated first. We should start asking for things for them now.

    I'd like to see them get different colors of fiery eyes. Fire comes in many colors: yellow, orange, red, white, blue, and even other colors like green from burning certain elements. They should get all of those colors.

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