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    I miss demonic leap

    Combined with nitro boosts, goblin glider and burning rush it really gave you the fun kind of mobility in combat and out of combat. No game has really allowed that kind of fun mobility it feels like, aside from Sekiro and Quake games.

    Then there's mentioning the playstyle which was fun. The new summoner demonology while thematically very fitting is just so boring to play and feels weird. Affliction without dot snapshotting is just hollow, and they try to make AOE spells work for it every expansion but nothing feels right. Destruction without havoc and shadowburn by default doesn't feel right, since it was the only part that required "skill".

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    The removal of snapshot butchered warlocks for me. one can argue that we were balanced around snapshotting, oh my... you feel rewarded when you recast your dots at the perfect moments of pinnacle power.

    The removal of baseline Shadowburn, I'm not sure what they were thinking move a core spell to a fucking talent.
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    I miss MoP.

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    I don't miss getting DC'd though.

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    Nothing beats meta form back in the day.

    Leap -> Immo Aura -> Summon Infernal -> Felguard Bladestorm -> Hellfire

    DPS Meter shoots up like a boss

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    You'll have it again in a few years

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    Immolation aura the past abilities
    harvesting the life of the skills learned
    soulburn soul swapping them onto the current iteration
    Snapshotting your talent
    As you demonic leap into the burning embers of fel fire

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    I miss the old spell effects. All this pixel art killed the class for me, after having played it since vanilla.

    Who ever made that change deserves to stub their pinky toe on every edge they move past
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    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    Demon Hunters stole a lot of the fun stuff from Demo locks and the spec has been a shadow of it's former self since WOD, arguably since MOP.

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    Yeah, the demonic jump was quite a trick!

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