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    Time efficiency with 9.1.5 upcoming.

    So guys I’m not a casual but don’t have loads of time for the game. I like to push M+ keys as healer with that limited time and as I’m pushing to 17/18 keys I’m finding groups harder and harder to come by as a holy priest. No matter whether I can heal or not, people want venthyr holy paladins or kyrian resto shamans. I have a necrolord Shaman at 230 ILvl and have a paladin at level 45. I plan to push these from here on in but with 9.1.5 upcoming I don’t want to waste time grinding if that grind becomes a lot easier soon.

    With that in mind I guess the main things I have gleaned from a grind perspective are:

    Covenant swaps much easier?
    Archivists codex rep much quicker?
    Maw intro skippable?

    Anything else I might consider when planning what to do?

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    If you are into Greater Offering rewards, these will also drop from callings, making the farm much easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickb View Post
    Covenant swaps much easier?
    Archivists codex rep much quicker?
    Maw intro skippable?
    1. Yes. After you reach Renown 80 (will be pretty easy when 9.1.5 launch) for sure you will be able swap to any covenant you want and play all 4 during every week. Also all cosmetics you earned will be available on all covenants. It's not clear if we will start on Renown 1 or 80 on alt covenants. In worst case there will be item to reach insta 40 on alts.

    2. Yes, but only if your main reach Tier 6 if I remember correctly. 50% increase.

    3. Yes.

    Beside that 9.1.5 has maany smaller catch up (like removing weekly cap from Torghast), so I suggest to dig wowhead or check some youtube closer to release, cause we won't list everything from memory.
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