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    How can I "figure out" what you're talking about if you won't explain anything whatsoever?

    Is this about the Blizzard sexual harassment issue? Vicarious Vision is separate from Blizzard, most of the people are different as far I know. You should only judge a game based on its independent merit and not based on associations.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kalocy Jim
    There will never be a moment in time where i'm not subbed to WoW.
    I pay in 6 month blocks, and I always pay with real money.
    To get as much entertainment out of a game for less than 15 dollars a month as this game offers is a steal. I honestly think they could raise the price of the sub and still do just fine. I know i'd pay for it.
    Let's pretend he's being serious and he's not getting paid somehow. For people like this, wow went down the drain. "Let's release half assed shit, who cares? dimwits will keep subbing cause we are selling literal digital cocaine"

    What's there not to like, huh?

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    Grim Dawn is my favorite one.
    Do you hear the voices too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemonpartyfan View Post
    I'm glad you have at least given all the games you're talking about a fair try ... I just don't get the point in mentioning opinion as a rebuttal at all, lol, like thats what this whole forum is, opinions.
    Wouldn't have much to discuss on a forum, if there were no opinions

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    i highly prefer d2r it's an excellent reskin of a classic game. it's how i'd love to see classic games updated letting you play how you want to. people here feel it's too restrictive. that's what's fun about it. it's literally you versus hell. find your exits or make your own because things can go sideways in a hurry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaza-R View Post
    Even the god awful story?
    Like the story in 1 and 2 was that good. Incredibly short and simple in all games. And its rather sad, as the lore is pretty damn big

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    For me I prefer the feel of Diablo 2. While the game is dated and I love the game purely for nostalgia reasons. The atmosphere kicks Diablo 3's cartoon high fantasy style out of the water. Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 seemed very gothic fantasy horror, while Diablo 3 felt very super hero high fantasy. Nothing wrong with that but it isnt the Diablo I love. Diablo 4 looks to return Diablo 2 to its more horror roots which makes me very happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glowpipe View Post
    Like the story in 1 and 2 was that good. Incredibly short and simple in all games. And its rather sad, as the lore is pretty damn big
    I never said it was a masterpiece. Or that any of Blizzard's writing is for that matter. But Blizzard tends to do a lot better with narratives that are simple as opposed to when they try to be creative and just fail miserably. D3's story isn't even creative however, its just plain bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BreathTaker View Post
    This may be a the problem by itself, I believe i'm not the only one who does not like ranking systems, they create competition and (surprise) attract toxic people.
    (Look at MOBAs - good people don't play them, only morons who live by offending others)

    And I believe there are games meant to be for casual players and games for .. the rest.
    And D2 is the game for casual players.
    The only competition you can invent there is char level. And it is still casual, requires time, communication and dedication, not some 'skill of moving fingers'.
    The competition in quality of gear does not exist - i can always farm more to get better items in time.

    D2 is not a competitive game and I enjoy it. In d3 solo gameplay exhausts very soon, and struggling to beat some number in GR is the only thing that's left, but it's not for me.
    Did you really just say that D2 is the casual one? I will not argue with people over which isometric arpg is the best because everyone has their own opinions, but to suggest D2 is the game for casual players is crazy talk. D3 is way more casual friendly.

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    You mean D3 in 2012? Cause that one was far better than D2.

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    not even top 10.

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    No, it's incredibly overrated. As soon as I beat Hell for the first time the game started to feel like it was intentionally wasting my time. Grinding for high end gear is completely pointless since you can beat all content in the game including ubers without any high end gear whatsoever. There's also so much terrible game design and 20 year old unfixed bugs that completely ruins the gameplay of a lot of builds.

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    No, Path of Exile has had that honour for many years now.
    While D2 was a good game, and the mods were even better, it is miles behind PoE.

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