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    Thumbs up Is D2R the best ARPG in the last 10 years?

    Even though its a remaster of a classic, i'd say its one of the best if not the best ARPG in the last 10 years or so.

    Everything about the game is for lack of a better term, amazing.

    I did not think i'd be playing as much D2R as I have. Really good investment for the money imho.

    Blizzard and Vicarious Visions really outdid themselves on this one.

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    You mean D3 in 2012? Cause that one was far better than D2.

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    Last Epoch is the best and it's still in development.

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    I strongly prefer 3 to be honest. Maybe if I had played 2 before I would feel different due to nostalgia but it feels so restrictive to me.

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    D2R is... Good, but still sort of mediocre. It's a solid remake, but that's all it is, a remake. To me, there are plenty really good ARPGs that has made a bigger impact, and while I respect vicarious Visions work, I don't think I wanna put any positive credit on Blizzard, at all, other than choosing the right studio for the job.

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    It does certain things well, but it has also aged significantly in other areas.

    D2R is primarily a graphics update - to expect the gameplay and mechanics to live up to the standards of games with 10-20+ years improved design is a fantasy. If anything, it's surprising how well it still holds up to the competition; but to call it "the best ARPG" is egregious overreach.

    D3 and PoE probably share that title, if you were to ever put it to the test in the first place.

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    Is this the Diablo version of WoW Classic is best? Some people will feel as you do as it seems to me that it's a throwback to a simpler time. But to even think it's the best in the last 10 years is laughable
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    If you did not play any other arpg in the last 10 years absolutely the best..Otherwise hardly in the top 5 or even 10....

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    D2R and D3 are both great games, it's hard to choose. I'm sure games like PoE, Nox, or Torchlight are also fun but I feel like Blizzard games have more of an "it" factor that attracts a larger community.
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    I wouldn't say so.

    I built a pure lightning javazone and just kept dying or running away through hell, evening finishing Act I was nothing short of an unbearable struggle.
    The often fixed immunity on many of the monsters makes the solo gaming experience in D2 endgame utter trash.

    At least all immunities should be random rolled on all monsters, so that if you end up being super unlucky, you can reroll the game for a better experience.

    If the two friends I've been playing with the last few days didn't align with me on the elements they're using, I don't think I would have played any further than nightmare. This just isn't really great game design, modern or not.

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    It oviously isn't. There's at least a dozen ARPGs that are better, D3 being one oh them.

    D2 was great a hundred years ago, but it cannot compete with any modern game.

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    Are you high? It's not even in the top 3.

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    I wouldn’t say so. As someone who didn’t play much D2 back in the day, I find that the mechanics feel outdated. The graphics are alright, but the gameplay feels old. While I do like the story and cinematic, I’d take the gameplay of D3 over D2 any day.
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    Huh? D2R is pretty much just a re-skin of a 21 year old game. Not sure how it qualify as a new release.

    That said, PoE is still better. Although I think D2 is still leagues better than D3 anyday.

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    D2R has a lot of problems, but at least they're problems we already knew about >.>

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    That's probably gonna go to PoE.

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    Are you a paid troll or... D2R is the only game you have ever played? D2R is far below average ARPG in last 25 years.

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    Probably, PoE is so goddamn boring

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    D3 > D2 in literally every single aspect.

    Grim Dawn was also good.

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