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    Whenever you want to play a fucking Video game, its entertainment. Do you need to be entertained right now? Don't listen to others over exaggeration of the state of something that truthfully never mattered to begin with because...well its a game. You either like it or you don't, its that simple. But that truth can only really come from you and your experience not the opinionated views of others
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    Depends on what you want to get out of it. Leveling was about the same as any expansion now a days. The story isn’t anything special but will at lest keep you going while leveling and doing things once.
    If you like doing 5 mans in a toxic environment then there are never any shortage of M+ to do at max level. And plenty of daily quest in the world to mind numbing doing for meager rewards.
    There are better experiences out there that will rival what SL will give you. Try that Amazon game, people been going crazy for that or give Final Fantasy 14 a go, I been in there for a months now and haven’t gone back to wow..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palapop View Post
    3. Wait, WHAT?! SL is great for lvling alts?!

    I gave up after 4th alt because I can't listen to Maw intro anymore. Not to mention how unrewarding dungeons are when you level through the fate of threads.
    NOT EVEN TO MENTION battleground lvling where you get 2-4% EXP PER BATTLEGROUND WIN! Which may take 20-30-40 mins.... AND IT'S NOT EVEN GUARANTEE!
    First, leveling 50-60 is only last part. Geting to 50 is most smooth experience in WoW history.

    I don't mind Maw cause it's very fast level, but I did it with mount on every alt. I don't think threads leveling is slower than other expac, for sure it's harder and slower than regular campaign, which shouldnt be a thing.

    Still SL is best expac for leveling alts. You just picked most frustrating path to level and dont compare it to other expacs (ok WoD borderline exploit and BfA AFK anniversary were faster but thats it).

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    Good time is November 2020. When you get your time machine give me a call.

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    I say don't bother until the very last patch that will give you the game for free incl SL, the latest exapansion and just play for a month. That's when most people will be trying to get all the achieves with the help of others while paying only for a month sub then stopping and doing the same thing again when the next expansion drops. In the meantime, you can play wow classic in any version on private servers for free or play other games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fruitbasket102 View Post
    that's some stupid advice, BFA was bad but i don't think its fair to make this statement about it

    Yeah, I actually have to revise that: BfA questing is great, as long as you ignore the main story of the expansion and just focus on the zones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loras View Post
    I would advise against it, i've played about two months but somehow this expansion didn't do it for me at all.

    If you want to try it i would advise waiting until the last patch, as by then the issues might be fixed.
    I appreciate that thanks.

    I’d probably buy shadowlands if it goes on discount this Christmas. If a purchase gives a free month, I will try it out. If not I will wait either till last patch or next expat if it’s free and I am still interested.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Although high elves are playable and this piqued my interest. The game is too pricey for all the complaints coming in about it

    But I’m not really getting many perspectives factoring in that I haven’t played Shadowlands or world of Warcraft for a long long time. So I don’t really understand fatigue at systems I don’t think I would experience that for a while because of all the new things to check out.

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    I have my answer now.

    Wow SL is on 50% discount. I shall buy it now and try it out.

    Thanks all who responded.

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    It will be added to the base subscription in next expansion and by then you can skip SL and hopefully get into better game that comes afterwards.

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    I might even be tempted to buy it at half price; however, I still know its largely a giant dog pile. And there's the whole monthly sub thing as well.

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    Literally now. 9.1.5 brought really good catch up ways. You can get an ilvl 225 within a couple of weeks.

    Legendaries can be done in 1 day. Renown is easy to get too.

    You can be more than ready by the time 9.2 hits

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    Skip SL. It's a steaming pile.

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    I'd skip SL entirely frankly. The good parts of it don't justify the box cost, nor a sub fee.

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    Never, WoW is ded gaem.

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    Raiding and M+ is top notch as always, but that requires a person to have basic social and game skills in order to enjoy.
    If you have that then the game is still second to none.

    If you enjoy to complain about pointless stuff then I would suggest that you spend your time here and on reddit instead of in-game.

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    One of the 1st question anyone responding to this thread should ask the OP is when was the last time he played. If he played like almost a decade ago or something, then everything he plays from now will be brand new to him as well as lots of previous years of content to explore/experience. 2nd question is what type of content the OP used to do before when he played WoW and what kind of content he would like to do now. After these 2 questions are answered, then the real answer whether he should play SL or not will be based on the OP's experience and needs only, and not on everyone else's.

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    You`re better off doing 9.0 content in the next expansion (10.0)
    By the time the new expansion comes around time gating is reduced, catch up is faster, grind heavy systems are reduced etc.
    It`s probably an overall better experience rather than playing the content when it`s current.

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