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    Didn't Garithos almost retake Lordaeron for the humans?
    Too bad that it was under control of Detheroc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    Too bad that it was under control of Detheroc.
    Pretty sure he was freed from Detheroc's control by then.
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    on another note I hope they don't retcon it into "Detheroc has already mind controlled Garithos when he had the Blood Elves executed" and just leave it as a sober Garithos being racist
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardenaso View Post
    "Detheroc had already mind controlled Garithos when he had the Blood Elves executed"
    Seeing as how nobody in Warcraft seems to do bad things of their own accord anymore, but rather because they are under some variety of mind control, I'd say it is highly likely.
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    "Die, wold soul of *incomprehensible mumbling* with your death my plan to *incomprehensible mumbling* finally fullfilled and *incomprehensible mumbling*!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowtwili View Post

    Because the Alliance saw Garithos as the highest-ranking survivor of Lordaeron's military at best and a very succesful warlord at worst.

    By that logic you could sooner say Jaina was the leader of the Alliance at the time since she led the survivors of Lordaeron, with fleets from the other major nations, to Kalimdor.

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    You mean between the reinforcements all Alliance member states sent him serving under his command, the Chronicle v3 stating he commanded the main Alliance force in the fight against the Scourge and even the (remaining) leadership of an Alliance state abiding by his orders (no matter how garbage and counter-intuitive to the benefits of the Alliance they were) as evidenced by Dalaran?
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    Does the CIA pay you for your bullshit or are you just bootlicking in your free time?
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    I'm quite tired of people who dislike something/disagree with something while attacking/insulting anyone that disagrees. Its as if at some point, people forgot how opinions work.

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    So in your can't do morally subjective things while having an opinion on how other people handle things?? Is that the gist of this post? Hmmm okay

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    Quote Originally Posted by VladlTutushkin View Post
    Credit for giving me that idea goes to Ainh, a dwarf fan and Alliance of Lordaeron supporter, however misguided he can be at times in his zeal.

    So, Mathias Shaw, the leader of the SI7 and generally man in charge of Alliance spy network and other cloak and dagger operations. The Man of Mystery... supposedly. So far only mystery about his is how that babbling, bumbling baboon managed to end up as the head spymaster of the whole Alliance.

    Aside from his many, many fuckups on the spying front there is one thing in particular that struck me as odd and dumb.

    He talks shit about Garithos (in a clumsy attempt from the writers to whitewash the Forsaken which just fails entirely because EVEN IF we decide that "he was rude and racist" is a good reason for betrayal and murder that still does not excuse killing his army and other Lordaeron survivors with them). But even ALL THAT aside... Isnt that a bit weird how a SPY MASTER throws shade at a commander for... underhanded actions and agendas? So... he criticizes Garithose's morality and his moral choices and etc, while being a leader of a secret service.

    So what, he , as a spy, a master of spies in fact, thinks that underhanded decisions, secret agendas, morally questionable choices and ruthlessness is... wrong? That would explain a lot why his and his agents work is so laughably inefficient and fucked. Imagine being a spy who operates without ruthlessness, deception, morally dubious tricks and without having several different agendas in mind.
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