SPACE MONKEY UNION has a roster of members dating back to Vanilla. We are currently filling up the roster for Sanctum of Domination and constantly doing M+ keys. With goals of Curve & KSM in every tier, aiming to push into Mythic raiding, but mainly to establish a guild of active, friendly, and experienced players who are also aiming for future content. We also provide a helping hand where possible or tips since we take in new players. Our members are on the mature side (27+) and come from all over, Europe to Asia to Africa, so basic cultural tolerance is a must.

We are open to ALL applications, regardless of spec, class and experience.

OUR expectations from you:
* Respect and Trust
* Overall good and friendly attitude
* Can take constructive criticism
* Raid Attendance (if part of the raid roster)
* Addons: DBM/BigWigs, Weak Auras, Details, MRT(aka ExRT)

YOUR expectations from us:
* Bizarre but sometimes philosophical conversations
* Steady and fun raid group that understands when to troll and when to be serious
* Diverse community
* M+ keys, Raids, occasional PvP
* A helpful hand every now and then
* Understanding that everyone makes mistakes

Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday - 8pm to 10pm (ST)
Progress 10/10N, 9/10HC, 1/10M

Rossjay#7452 (Discord)
ir8#8163 (Discord)
Irate#2473 (