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    In a sub game?

    Honestly none. Even server transfers and character race changed should of been made free once they became automated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemonpartyfan View Post
    Too bad too many of us are guilty of enabling them, myself being one of them. I bought some of the character services and then some of the pets that went to charity.
    The charity stuff is worthy. I'm annoyed more by the hypocrisy of those who spend a lot of time bashing Blizzard on their store while accepting and even recommending other games that do the same but are worse. Pisses me off no end.

    I've never used their services for xfr or any of that and the only store thing I have was a batwing mount that I got as a gift.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deneios View Post
    10,000 gill is about same buying power as 10 gold.
    Msq skip and lvl boost net you 600000gill. So you have netted about 600g worth of ingame currency in wow standard.
    Crafted high end gear goes for about 250k-500k gill on AH, dependant on slot, class and server. You still have to socket it with 2 materia sockets that both dependant on materia can be from 20kgill to 100kgill + socketing cost and all this is compareable to 230 crafted item in wow.
    Ahh OK. If that's true then it's completely fine. Thanks for the education, I don't play FF14.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkanon View Post
    So you don't feel flying offers an advantage at all. Interesting.
    I guess that Jay's "reasoning" is something along the lines of bUt U d0n'T wIN AnyThINg bY FLyiNg
    Quote Originally Posted by THEORACLE64 View Post
    It's not really retconning though. There's plenty we didn't know from WC3 - a story which is just about 20 years old. The Jailer is the backbone of that story.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nerovar View Post
    It's interesting how a character that didn't exist back then could be the backbone of the story. Guess that story must have been an invertebrate then.

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    Cosmetic stuff are the only type of things that belong on in-game stores*.

    *Free-to-Play Games' in-game stores. Perhaps on Buy-to-Play ones too, depending on the available items outside of the store and on how the game deals with new content's monetization.

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    Cosmetic items, mounts, pets and boosts in long running games.

    Those are all acceptable in my eyes as long as the in-game collectibles you can obtain are of similar quality or better than the ones you can flat out buy.

    All of my opinions completely depend on the type of game though, but I think every type of game can have them. Free to play games can go hog wild IMO, while single purchase games need to be a bit more 'careful' implementing stuff like this. Finally subscription based games are fine to have any of the above in as well, but again, with the caveat that it's less intrusive than the previous options, while having similar options in collectibles.

    People are honestly delusional if they think online multiplayer games that you simply buy shouldn't have any sort of additional monetization applied to them, unless of course you're okay with barebones updates or zero updates at all.

    This isn't giving MMOs like FF14 or WoW a pass either. Both of these games have a lot of pets, mounts, transmog, or emotes of fairly high quality that appear pretty unique with no alternative to collect. I'm not the type of player that cares about any of these collectible things, so I sort of a speak as an outsider looking in. It feels like fleecing your user base if you go way too far, or don't have an alternative way to obtain some of these things in game (take for example unique looking mounts that have been added, it would be nice if you could get an off color one for instance). This is where these subscription games sort of take advantage of their userbase, and I think both WoW and FF14 take massive advantage of whales (the people who forgive FF14 cash shop while slamming WoWs is humorous considering how much bigger the FF14 one is).

    At the end of the day as long as it doesn't directly give you power in the game (boosts are sort of an exception for long running games IMO), it's fine. The WoW token is both a blessing and a curse because it gives players a way to pay for their subscription and other Blizzard games for free, while players buy/sell power to other players willing to throw out their credit cards.

    Again, I don't think there's a wrong way to look at it. Would I prefer a fantasy world where you pay 40-60 bucks for a game and the companies throw away money out of the goodness of their hearts to keep updating it? Sure, but that's not the world we live in. I for example would be fine with paying for Diablo 4, and them implementing cash shop items, if and only if that means they update the game routinely similar to PoE (for example, 3-4 big patches that add new content). Obviously all my stated rules prior apply.

    This coming from somebody who has never bought a single thing off the store except transferring two characters via WoW token 4 years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Crix View Post
    In a sub game?

    Honestly none. Even server transfers and character race changed should of been made free once they became automated.

    Cash shop after paying for the game + sub, hell no.

    Yall must be crazy. IM RICH AF and i still wont spend a dollar in that cash shop. IMO all of you wanting items in a cash shop are brain washed or just super ass lazy.

    Why not just have pets and mounts in the game to unlock or farm or whatever. holy shit.....

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    Cosmetics, and cosmetics only imo. Things like race change, appearance change, and faction change should be a part of the game. Faction change being like EQ2 where you could just betray your own faction and build up rep with the opposite if you wanted.

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    Nothing is acceptable. Anything in a cash shop degrades the quality of whatever is being sold. Cash shops shouldn't exist in gaming but these type of threads help support them by reinforcing the idea that they are the standard. Its not like whoever designs cash shop items gets a % of the sold profits, so all it serves is a distraction from the reality of the game sucking. Sorry.

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    Everything on there is 100% acceptable, a bunch of fugly mounts and like two..half decent ones. The rest is vanity items, which is fine.

    The only thing that shouldn't be there is boost and WoW tokens because both of these items provoke poor World and Player engagement and overall hurts the community and world design possibilities. The only thing a WoW token should be used for is buying play time with gold...that's it

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    Or they could just give us flying like in wrath, get to max lvl, buy flying with gold, fly, so stupid they gate it
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    If Blizzard wanted to hit the huge dollars: a boatload of new character, race and class (yes, including new switchable spell effects and colors) customizations into cash store.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jtbrig7390 View Post
    True, I was just bored and tired but you are correct.

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    None combative things like mogs, pets, mounts, emotes are what I think. Gold is stretching it but rather the game sells it rather than so bot I guess..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    The charity stuff is worthy. I'm annoyed more by the hypocrisy of those who spend a lot of time bashing Blizzard on their store while accepting and even recommending other games that do the same but are worse. Pisses me off no end.

    I've never used their services for xfr or any of that and the only store thing I have was a batwing mount that I got as a gift.
    My original guild died so I ended up using all my christmas money as a teenager to transfer all of my older toons over to a new server with friends I had met at work. I hate it thinking back, having so much affection for pixels that I would spend that much more money on a game I am already paying the box price and a sub to play, its ludicrous.

    I agree about the store, microtransactions are a real problem.

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    If you pay a game, pay extentions and pay a subscription to play the game : absolutely nothing.
    No other valable answer.

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    Literally anything the devs want to put on the store and if the gameplay is good I'd play it.

    I'm not an idiot that gets personally offended by cash shops.

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    In a sub MMO a cash shop is bullshit.

    You could maybe convince me that services, such as guild transfers or server transfers could charge fees to try to deter people from ninjaing or trolling.

    In those cases, as long as the fee is reasonable, I don’t have an issue really.

    Everything else shouldn’t be in cash shops and should be included in the actual game, since we’re paying sub fees.

    If it’s a B2P or F2P I don’t have issues with cash shops.

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    In WoW? Nothing at all. It's surprising that people are even considering it acceptable. lol

    Talk about Stockholm Syndrome.

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    There shouldn't be a cash shop.

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    Name change
    Race change
    Server transfer

    That's it.

    No cosmetics. Anything cosmetic should be in game by means not wholly attributable to gold

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