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    Horde [US][PvP][Horde] CLASSIC ERA <Not Prepared> Recruiting

    CLASSIC ERA HORDE GUILD on PVP EAST 1 (Benediction, Faerlina, Heartseeker, Incendius, and Netherwind)

    About Us
    The guild <Not Prepared> was formed on Classic Era when Classic-TBC was released but was decimated in under two months. After being put under new leadership at the start of August, it was revamped from the ground up with only about about a dozen raiders by extremely experienced leadership (guilds and raids) coming out of retirement. The guild has been focused heavily on three key aspects Community, Raiding, and PvP. As leadership has over 28 years of MMO experience, the guild is built very much in the style of 'old school' guilds from the past that are all but extinct today. What is clear is that it is becoming more than the sum of its parts and transcending your average guild experience.

    Since the change up the raids have substantially improved, both in productivity, environment, and accountability. The guild itself has grown steadily and continues to do so today by stressing a profoundly strong 'team community' environment in both our social circles and raid atmosphere. From 12-13 people taking all night to clear a 20man, to burning them up in a little over an hour within the first two weeks of reformation. Raid progression continues to be highly successful with many one shot one kill few deaths despite regularly not needing world buffs or meta'n the raid and usually being down 4-11 raiders.

    Raid Roster is a mix-up between extremely geared individuals and fresh 60's. It's a diverse bunch. These are NOT carry raids as all members contribute accordingly and there are exceedingly few deaths normally. You can directly see people's improvement as their gear improves.

    This is the environment we foster at <Not Prepared> and welcome members who prefer a more mature and old-school goodness place to play where they can count on their fellow members and take pride in each others continual improvement.

    For us, it is about the journey and those you make it with, not the end destination. We seek to be one of the best guild experiences you've ever had.

    About Leadership
    The guild leader (Lovepony) and main raid leader (Bfg) are two separate individuals both with extensive knowledge and experience for their roles with deeply coinciding views on direction and tact that work very well together. There are currently 4 officers with very specific primary duties they oversee with only small overlaps for backup purposes (Banker, Loot Master, PvP Coord, Buff/Attunement Coord). With an age range of 25-50, leadership is very diverse but extremely harmonious. Officers like their jobs and are eager and excited to log in and play and work with guildies.

    Raid Times
    Mon/Wed 8:30-11pm EST
    *Usually run 1-2 20man's each week outside of normal raid times.

    PvP Times
    Fri/Sat 6pm-1am+ EST
    (queue times for Classic Era BG's are normal during these times).

    Current Progression
    As of Monday October 11th 2021 (First time in AQ40 and undermanned from vacations):

    Loot System
    Modified Classic-EPGP with Loot Advisement Oversight*

    How We Conduct our LS:
    As a raiding institution that seeks to elevate and enlighten members in a conducive learning environment and to ensure legitimate and positive progression, we do oversee and advise members on what is a Main Spec item for who. All members are welcome to use our modified EPGP system to roll off-spec for items and this is unrestricted.

    Attendance is the most important thing for us right now which is why we utilize a point system that puts this as a priority. We are not a Loot Council but a Loot Advisement system. The combined tactic helps us avoid new players showing up, getting an upgrade, and then us never seeing them again. It also helps make substantial/bis items go to the most appropriate individual with the highest priority rather than blind.

    PvP is considered an Off Spec.

    Core Raid Recruitment
    2-3 Warlock (Need a 2nd Twin Emps tank)
    1-2 Mage
    2-3 Shaman (Healer)
    Priest (Healer)
    1-2 Warrior (DPS)
    *Core raids do not recruit PvP specs nor are we recruiting people who just want to PvP. If you are PvP only, you're advised to play on Whitemane (US PvP West).


    * - Speak to us first before you decide to pay any money to clone/transfer. We actively encourage those considering guildship with us to make a fresh character on our server cluster (Benediction, Faerlina, Heartseeker, Incendius, and Netherwind) to see how we are for yourself before you make any financial decisions. We do this so you get the full picture and see we are 100% up front with you and real about how we are.
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