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    Yes, lets virtue signal by making a 15 year old game more pc, for people who probably havent even seen the movie dont even know who ace ventura even is much less finkle einhorn, so they dont get offended by a joke from a movie from(in most cases) before they were born, a joke i might add that is more anti gay than anti trans... pathetic

    also didnt trans mean trans-sexual back then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EntertainmentNihilist View Post
    Learn. What. That. Word. Means.
    It's clear YOU don't know the meaning of the word in all actuality but ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seratox View Post
    Personally, I'm glad to see the Finkle Einhorn change. It's super not cool to punch down at people with mental disorders

    Treat everyone like a human being, ffs.
    The movie isn't even about transgender people. It's about a ex football player who had a mental breakdown over a missed kick that cost them the game. Who escapes from a mental hospital and assumes the identity of lost hiker who happens to be a female and then has surgery to assume her identity. At no point during the movie did the character make the claim that he/she felt that they were a female. IT literally had nothing to do with transgender people. Keeping in mind to qualify as a transgender individual you must be born as one biological sex and then claim to identify as the opposite. Again the character in the movie never at any points makes this claim. The football plater takes on this female identity to get revenge not because they are transgender. This whole claim that this is a dig at transgenders is fucking ridiculous. But hey I guess someone woke up and couldn't find something to be offended about so had to create a reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    i dont think i could hit myself with a hammer hard enough to bring myself to the point I could even comprehend your weird ass statement here.
    Try it maybe it might sink in.

    Maybe if I put it in see Sam sit, first grader language it might help?

    Can people physically lose weight change hair or teeth even if they don't want to... yes.

    Can gay people have straight sex even if they don't want to .. yes.

    should either of them do it just to make others happy or not make fun of them.. no...
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    Bigot is when you don't agree with my extremely contemporary social and political values on an online forum.

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