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    These recent changes, are for the betterment of WoW.

    In recent weeks and months we've seen a vast number of changes to the game. The removal of emotes, in-game art, NPC names and much more has unfortunately been met with quite a grim response from the community.

    Often these people who feel this is "going too far" or "ruining the game thanks to the snowflake generation" can't even see past the irony of their own statements. It's almost like a fixation and compulsion level of attachment to art, names, and in-game elements that have little to no bearing on you at all, but you can't stand to see change.

    These in-game changes have come about because a culture of toxicity and abuse was so prevalent within Blizzard that sexual assault, abuse & racism have led to many people - mostly Women or people of colour - to feel unwelcome within their own universe. These are members of our community that already struggle with representation, so why make it worse?

    At the end of the day many people working within the company felt unwelcome, so much so that someone even took their own life from the abuse. (Unable to post links, but a quick Google for "blizzard employee suicide" returns plenty of information and results) - Naturally people will argue that there were clearly other factors at play, or that if someone kills themselves over this stuff then there isn't much of a loss to the world but that sentiment is extremely naive and tone deaf.

    These in-game changes don't absolve Blizzard of their past mistakes, but it also don't affect you if they're changed. It can however affect those who play, work and engage with this game. If your boss is being a creepy pervert, crossing the line and making inappropriate comments, and then you're being forced to produce distasteful content, that just adds to the uncomfortable and unwelcoming culture of the company.

    If you're someone who has experienced racism, abuse, sexual assault and you're coming into a game where sometimes those issues are the butt of the joke, your feelings are being ridiculed and your issues being seen as a chance to get a quick and cheap laugh, you're going to feel mocked and unfairly treated.

    The question I suppose I would put to those who are against these changes are; "So what if these things have changed?". An NPC with a specific name isn't harming you when its changed, it's not affecting your gameplay, it almost feels like you're attempting to be angry and agitated for the sake of it. But leaving it in, as stated above, can cause problems and make people feel insecure.

    Whether you think it's a snowflake generation, people being too politically correct or that these changes are pointless, just keep in mind that these changes aren't likely about you then. You can be a sexual assault victim and not care for these names, you can be someone who has been racially abused and not give a damn, but there are those who do, and so what harm is there really when these elements of the game are changed?

    I very much doubt this perspective will change the mind of anyone, I expect most responses to be just be; "lol kid mad & upset cry more" but as someone who has no issue personally with these names, art and other changes, as someone it doesn't affect at all, I can at least see why they're being made and for who these changes are for.

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    This is already being discussed more constructively in several other active threads. Closing this.

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