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    Engineering and Mythic+

    So I’m healing in M+ (priest/shaman/paladin) but don’t have B-Rez and I notice a lot of people get engineering for just that reason.

    I’ve levelled it to 50 in a matter of minutes and have it now so that’s cool.

    But just wondering if there are any other toys from either this or other expansions that work (and are really worthwhile having) in M+?

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    Pretty much all work. Jeeves or Reeves are quite nice, but building them is rather expensive and no idea if you want to invest here, same for Moll-E.

    Reasonably cheap, quickly reachable and with actual use are Nitro Boosts for your belt (Northrend engineering 30) and the Goblin Glider (Pandaria engineering 25) for your back if you don't want to waste inventory or run out of Glider kits - which are also quite easy to build as they can be crafted from garrison mats.

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    Engineering is the only useful profession IMO regardless of M+ or not. Everything else you need can be had from AH for pennies anyway.

    Wormhole alone is just such a convenience. Then you have nitro boost, repairs, mailbox, extra AH locations. That all you only get as engineer, while other professions benefits you can mostly just buy in AH.
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    The engineering BR can be pretty tough to pull off in m+, especially as a healer. It has a longish cast time and you basically have to be right on top of the body, which makes it challenging if they died to standing in bad. It can also backfire and kill you, which isn't really a great trade if you're not a DPS. That said, the backfire rate is pretty low and I've only seen it happen a few times ever (if you're at 100% health it won't kill you but will knock you low enough that any damage from anything else will).

    Engineering is worth it though anyway for all the other convenient stuff like teleports, mailbox, glider, boost or free invis, etc. I am an Engineer on both my mains and quite a few of my alts just for that. I would never discourage someone from going engineer, but you should probably temper your expectations for the BR item in m+ because it's really only good as a last resort.
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    Not a toy, but turning off the slimes in DoS is nice.
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    Don't forget the loot-a-rang! All of my characters are engineers for that. It's absolutely mandatory QoL for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizoide View Post
    Don't forget the loot-a-rang! All of my characters are engineers for that. It's absolutely mandatory QoL for me.
    That only works in Draenor, doesn't it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    That only works in Draenor, doesn't it?
    No, there also is an engineering version (https://www.wowhead.com/item=60854/loot-a-rang), but with the requirement of 70 Cataclysm Engineering it's not a cheap thing to use (or even craft, if you didn't then).

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    All my characters have had it for years, but I can't imagine it costing more than a couple thousand gold to level up cataclysm engineering. The QoL is absolutely unmatched. You no longer need to walk to a corpse, visually find it, and mouse-over. You just hit the loot-a-rang button from 40 feet away and you're done. I have it bound to mouse button 4.

    This thing really shouldn't be engineer-only. The game is so much more pleasant with it.

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    For frugal players the invisibility thingy to your belt is a nice add-on, although the duration of the effect is very short, and thus might not be applicable to all skips you're doing.
    Soul traps might have a niche use if your group has no hard CC available (PF slimes come to my mind), but the chances of fizzing out diminish its usage.
    Wormhole is a giant QoL thing.
    Engineer CR can be indeed at tricky one, and its usefulness obviously depends fully on your group composition. Unless you're running with multiple "native" CR classes in your group, I'd say it's a good safety net to have, should you like running medium-high to high keys.

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