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    Gw2 + geforce now

    Since i got shit pc i tried out geforce now free ans got low 30 fps with maxed 1080p. Will it gett better if i pay a sub (if so i Will) wierd thing also is that geforce now says 25mb connection needed, i got 30mb connection and I get 25mb speed most times but when starting geforce now it says my bandwith is to low. My pc is an phenom 2 965be with 4gb ram and gtx 550ti (cant Use my laptop cause wifi aint nuff and internet port is broken on it) tried game on it without geforce now tho and gotta play on like lowest 1080p settings and that makes the game look shii. Any help/info is appreciated

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    I tried out GeForce Now when it was came out in 2018 and only had bad experiences with it. Low framerate (even on games that weren't graphically intensive), way too long latency, and it only supported a few games (and you couldn't mod the games either). Maybe they've improved their service since then.

    Honestly, if your GPU and internet is that bad, then it probably just needs to be upgraded, period. Rather unfortunate given the current situation with the GPU shortage and absurd prices. Might be a good idea to find other games you can play in the mean time that don't require a good internet connection and a beefier GPU. Or find other things to do besides gaming.

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