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    For what it's worth, I was one of those not wanting the Mage Tower to come back. Not because "muh exclusivity" nor "get gud qq", but because I found it to be poorly executed. I did all 36 specialization fights, and many either had it too easy (such as affliction warlock), too difficult (mistweaver monk), or felt tedious (all the specs for God-Queen's Fury).

    And that was with system mechanics that were since removed. Just how is Blizzard planning to balance Mage Tower when the challenge scenarios were entirely designed around borrowed power and can't even get scaling from legacy content working right? It's really disappointing that they have yet to give players any honest to goodness details about its inner workings. So far, all we've got to go on is what has been data-mined.
    this is totally 100% correct.

    but you have to understand that company: MT is not there for making the game fun. its not even there for quickly throw out some content. its solely purpose is marketing. its something that shows up on frontpages like MMOC with a shiny new mount as reward. it makes waves. „mage tower is back! … some cool new mount! … should check this out!“.

    if you are such a fucked up company like Blizz became, and you have nothing ready in your hidden store, and you have no good ideas (spoiler: they have not good ideas since like 5-6 years or so),… well then you have just ONE tool in your box that you can use: marketing. just keep the talk up a bit, until you get other things finished (9.2).

    its like someone in an evening show starts doing some magic card tricks, to keep ppls attention up, while behind the doors the main act is still drunken and not awaken enough to start the show. even if the card tricks are horrible and the ppl rumors, as long as you can keep their attention (even when running crazy around doing a chicken dance), the solely goal is to keep their attention, so they not go away and stay a bit longer, to stall time for the main act.

    so, the MT simply cant be a good experience. its a helpless big SOS flag, quickly tailored out of old dirty towels, just to keep ppls attention and show up something on launcher, website, MMOC and wowhead frontpages, so ppl hopefully do not look elsewhere (i.e. into the square enix corner) for a bit longer. its just helpless eye catching, cause of no other options. this simply CANT be a good experience. when you have nothing in store (that owns quality) … well … then you go the „better this for marketing than nothing“ route. simple as that.
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