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    Currently trying to get this macro to work, using macro toolkit so it allows me to run 1024 character in a macro instead of 255.

    #showtooltip [spec:1,noform:4]Moonkin Form;[spec:1]Solar Beam;[spec:2,noform:2]Cat Form;[spec:2,form:2]Skull Bash;[spec:3,noform:1]Bear Form;[spec:3,form:1]Skull Bash

    /use [spec:3,form:1,@mouseover,harm,nodead][spec:3,form:1,@focus,harm,nodead][spec:3,form:1]Skull Bash

    /use [spec:2,form:2,@mouseover,harm,nodead][spec:2,form:2,@focus,harm,nodead][spec:2,form:2]Skull Bash

    /use [spec:1,form:4,@mouseover,harm,nodead][spec:1,form:4,@focus,harm,nodead][spec:1,form:4]Solar Beam

    /use [spec:3,noform:1]Bear Form

    /use [spec:2,noform:2]Cat Form

    /use [spec:1,noform:4]Moonkin Form

    the issue is that it only accepts 113 characters on my showtooltip, so i can take out the moonkin form, bear form, cat form etc parts and just have it show the skull bash and solar beam, but im trying to get it to show both, does anyone know of an additional way I can do this?

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    Found a solution

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    Sorry to bug you, but could you share what the solution was. I'd like to replicate what you are doing. Thanks!

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    Should be able to optimize it to the following:
    /cast [spec:3,noform:1] Bear Form; [spec:2,noform:2] Cat Form; [spec:1,noform:4] Moonkin Form; [form:1/2,@mouseover,harm,nodead] [form:1/2,@focus,harm,nodead] [form:1/2] Skull Bash; [form:4,@mouseover,harm,nodead] [form:4,@focus,harm,nodead] [form:4] Solar Beam
    It can be trimmed down further if need be.

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