Poll: Are you coming back to End of Dragons?

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    Man, part of me wants to preorder and just get ready for it for next week but I think I'll hold off until launch. Still haven't looked too deeply into the expansion to determine whether it's an instabuy or a "wait and see". Took the former approach with HoT and it did not work well and the latter with PoF, which did work well. But missing that initial rush of players through new content will sucks if I hold off. Gah.

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    In terms of systems i don't think you'll be missing anything important since nothing from the expansion can be compared to mounts and gliding in terms of impact, but the rush of people on all new maps certainly helps with certain world events that can be unrewarding on the long run when compared to others and end up rarely being made (Vabbi's serpents ire), but we don't know that yet.
    There is some stat increase through jade bots, but if i understood correctly everyone will have access to that through the trading post even without expansion (the stat increase, not the bot).
    The other key point would be the new specializations and how they can impact the meta since it's something that will have an impact on the whole game with or without expansion, but that's only a problem if you play group content.
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    The counterpoint being that the first week will probably be full of patches and stuff to fix the issues they missed, so who knows.

    I preordered since I knew I'd get it one way or another, so getting some bonus content to do it now instead of later worked for me. Unless you'll wait for a sale in however many months, of course.
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    I can definitely say now that not only I came back for GW2, but I'm almost working on it as a second full-time job, again
    EoD wasn't exactly the best expansion - in terms of story, new elite specs, and how memorable the areas are, I'd say it was the weakest. But fishing is really fun, and the music is great.

    Hopefully ANET has a lilttle time to breathe before they release another one.

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