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Ok thanks for proving that you are indeed a troll and a clown. Gonna put you on ignore because you are just clotting my feed with your usless post that are factually untrue. Bye bye.

"besides void elves not being a core race and getting customizations like that", No, they didn't get customisation like that because they got a bunch of copy pasta skin colours, and not plethora of new hairstyles, manes, earings, faces, tatoos etc. like what core races did. So it's not "like that" at all. And if you can't see the difference, then there is no hope for you.

Oh, and while putting you on ignore list, here is what I found on your profile:

Darkshore, Killing Living and Dead elves

Kill elves

Elf Killer

Rofl. Now I feel dumb for falling for this obvious troll attempt at all. Should have ingored you earlier. Bye Mr. Troll.
nice tentative of red hearing and ad hominem in the same bs argument while still showing you have no idea what you are talking about, astonishing

sadly you are going to ignore cause you were making my days with laughs