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    I live in Turkey and our currency; Turkish lira, loses its value against eur and us dollar day by day. In one and a half month period, eur gained 15% more value over lira. Right now 1 eur is equal to 11 Turkish lira and every moment, ratio is going up in favor of eur.

    What i'd like to say is, for a moment lets skip currencies and call them "units". European players play wow for "13 units" and here in Turkey, we have to pay 143 units for monthly fee of wow. In addition, monthly minimum salary set by government here in Turkey is 2825 Turkish liras which is equal to 256,81 EUR (48% of the employees amongst total work force in Turkey earn this amount also).

    I hope someone will read this comment and do something.

    p.s.: sorry for my English, its not my native lang.
    Just 0.5% worse, than in Russia, where made-up sanctions (no real proofs - just highly likelies, just like in all modern "cancelling" cases) caused local currency to drop by 233% vs "fair" level.

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    farm for a token than if its to expensive or do that recruit a friend stuff

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    I wonder, why are you so mean towards poor people? Is it his fault he wasn't born with a silver spoon in the ass? Is it his fault that he pays 5% of his month overall income (while having to work hard to earn that income) for a game sub, while for people lucky to be born in some other countries its more like 0,05% of their month overall income? I definitely see a problem here, although its a huge world problem of everything at all, not a small local one connected with a game services.
    If he can't afford it then he should not buy it. Where is the difference between the OP and some poor guy in a rich country? Someone living on welfare probably can't affort to play wow either, so should Blizz do extra sub prices for people on welfare?
    It's not his fault where he was born and it may not be the welfare girls fault she is poor. Life is not fair. Some things are a luxury.
    I'd give you a point if we were talking about medicine or food or any necessities of live but WoW....

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    Complaining that you are too poor to afford wow is a very first world problem and should be treated as such, which is to say, no one should care because it's not an actual problem. Just don't play the game and your "problem" is fixed. If you choose to play the game you are the problem.

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    Best would be to stop playing entirely.
    Neither the quality of the content or the quantity is worth your money .. no matter how big or small your income is
    On top of that Blizzard as a company and the attitude and work problems which can be clearly seen lately in the many law suits do not deserve your money or time spent.
    You are literally supporting an abusing and toxic company and employers by paying for their products and playing them.
    Do the responsible decision and take a stance, don't be a bystander !

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    The situation in Turkey is unfortunate and for that you have my sympathy. I agree that it would be nice if Blizzard could offer locally based prices in order to make the relative pricing more fair, but I just don't see that happening. Aside from anything else, any attempt by them to do so would result in scores of people from richer countries complaining and/or finding ways to exploit this to their benefit.

    This issue goes way beyond Blizzard. It a consequence of the way the world economy is set up, which absolutely benefits the wealthy countries of the world at the expense of poorer countries and the cost of playing WoW is just a tiny manifestation of that problem.

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