Poll: Will you resub for 9.1.5 ?

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    Nope.. SJW's can go truly fuck themselves. I am not going to give a single cent to this company They want to keep making stupid statements? I can make one too.

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    Maybe add 3rd option: already subbed.

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    Nah, I don't think even 9.2 will grab me this time. I will certainly resub in the future but shadowlands has been a massive let down.
    With Endwalker almost here, and plenty of other games I'm enjoying at the moment there isn't time or money for me to bother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Popikaify View Post
    Will you resub for 9.1.5 ?
    what is this for a question ?
    why should someone unsubbed coming back for 9.1.5 ?
    its just a QoL patch, not a content patch.
    i find this question rather stupid.
    and poll numbers will proof that, by the obvious answer (no), very clearly.
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    Absolutely not! What for?
    Let them suffer and learn to deliver a better product

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    No. I'm a PvP-only player. I want a genuine balancing pass regarding all classes. Tune down the blatantly overpowered, meta-defining specs and bring the underperforming ones on par so that everyone can have fun. Is that too much to ask? Seems like it.

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    payed my last monthly fee until november. if there is no 9.2 on the horizon, there's no coming back at this point.

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    I can't see myself resubscribing anytime soon. I don't hate this expansion in general as much as many seem to, in fact it's one of my favorites in several ways, but I'm just tired of the game period. Maybe I've simply played it for too long, to the point where I don't have the patience to put up with its flaws anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merin View Post

    I literally just talked more friends into quitting to go play other games.
    Hahahaha I know the feeling. More than half of my former WoW guildies are about to start with GW2
    Quote Originally Posted by THEORACLE64 View Post
    It's not really retconning though. There's plenty we didn't know from WC3 - a story which is just about 20 years old. The Jailer is the backbone of that story.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nerovar View Post
    It's interesting how a character that didn't exist back then could be the backbone of the story. Guess that story must have been an invertebrate then.

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