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    This is why I play 1-2 xpacs behind. If you're going for efficiency in collecting it works wonders.

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    It’s hard to disagree with this, the existence of many of the achievements from late expansions is honestly just insulting.

    RNG behind RNG behind a time gate behind RNG with the reward of 10 achievement points. At least the mechagon meta had a reward, I’m STILL trying to find the last sabertron in stormsong, guess that’s my punishment for not logging on literally every single day of the year.

    When you’ve already committed a large amount of time to hunting all achievements and then they add an abomination like that, it really just feels like they lack any sort of respect for the player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slime View Post
    I was pretty disappointed recently to discover an achievement to kill 100 assassins in the Maw from the jailers eye. Well I had like 80 on my main and now the eye is gone.
    That was some awesome design for an achievement Blizz - maybe some warning that these achievements become unattainable on toons that kill the eye...
    It sucks, happened to me too, but the workaround I found was to go in on a new character before doing the quest, get to the point where assassins spawn, then repeatedly phase in and out of the zone. This will cause you to instantly get an assassin spawn each time you enter the zone, you can go from 0-100 in an hour or 2.

    Really shouldn’t be necessary though. Blizzards lack of attention to detail with regards to achievements and such really ticks me off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scubi666stacy View Post
    This is why I never even tried to get the crab mount in Nazjatar. These murloc traders... the mere thought of this system makes me want to vomit. Also, rares which seems never to appear...
    There was a nice website that helped calculate stuff for the murloc traders making it a lot easier, but for me the biggest problem with he crab meta achie was not this. Nonono. It was something a lot worse.

    The match 3 minigame win requirements.

    I am still missing one of the green ones. I checked every day I could. Still missing it.

    Fuck RNG on this level with a rusty fork.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oxen12 View Post
    This is why I play 1-2 xpacs behind. If you're going for efficiency in collecting it works wonders.
    This only works for some things, but on the other hand it can be a huge hinderance as well. Like with kill other faction players in this area achieves, or with stuff that get boosted spawn rate if more people are around. Or when they "accidentally" overnerf something and it becomes an absolute slog. Like with the.. the thingie. Mechagon Island summoning thingie with the discs. And the part drop rates and spawn rates.

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    All those "hardcore collectors" are going to have a really, really hard time when WoW actually dies, regardless of when it happens.

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