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    Comfortable Rider's Barding

    been using this since it was first implemented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motorman View Post
    I totally agree but then why pretend we have options? They should cancel daze and free the slot to be used with something else.
    you do have options.

    pre-SL i always felt water walking was much more useful than anti daze, especially back in legion when it was introduced, tons of water areas there (or rather, SL has surprisingly few water areas). imo they should remove those mounts that let you herb and turn that into equipment exclusive too.

    korthia, and especialy the path to the raid/worldboss, is just a particularly egregious case where getting dazed can not only get you killed, but killed with a penalty.

    but yeah if they are going to put mobs on roads all the time instead of keeping them as a semi-safe space the mechanic has definitely outgrown it's intent.
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    You do realize there's anti-daze mount equipment, right?

    It's the leatherworking one.

    The only other one I'd even consider using is the saddlechute if players just constantly troll you by zapping you out of the sky, but I always just have two stacks of goblin glider kits on me. In SL there's literally no deep water so you can dump the water walking you probably have on all your alts from when it was given out free.
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    Sylvanas will just give her own head to Tyrande.
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    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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